Friday, January 13, 2012

My EDC Collection

This post will be continually updated at my discretion pretty much for linking to, so feel free to ignore what I'm saying and look at the pictures. That being said I'm going to try and keep an up to date list (with pictures) of all my EDC Gear with a section at the bottom for sold gear, and one beyond that for my pathetic attempts at photography. I will split it into sections and try to organize it, but no promises if a knife winds up between two flashlights. Also, while I am a knife and light guy, I do like guns so whenever I get one of those (If I still run this blog) a new section will pop up. The links run to my reviews of them or where they popped up on here and if it doesn't have a picture I'm either working on it or I really don't care. Some don't have reviews for obvious reasons and some things I just plain left out.

On to the crap!

Blackhawk! Range Bag: Link

Rothco Heavyweight Canvas Messanger Bag: Link

Pelican 1150 Link

Pelican 1650 Link

5.11 Tactical Holster V-neck (M) Link 

Oakley SI Assault Boots Link 

Apple iPod Blue 3rd Gen 8GB Nano
Lacie Rikiki 500GB USB 3.0 Mobile Hard Drive

Lacie MosKeyTo 16GB Flash Drive

Pantech Crux phone
Toshiba Satellite laptop


Sunwayman V10R Titanium Link

Surefire G2 Link

Ziplight Link

Tec Accessories P-7 Suspension Clip Link

Curtiss Knives Nano Framelock Link

Ontario Knives RAT-3 Link

Ruko 067 Link

Spyderco Caly3 Carbon Fiber/ZDP-189 Link

Victorinox StayGlow SAK Classic Link

Victorinox Translucent Red SAK Classic

Victorinox Translucent Brown SAK Classic

Victorinox Translucent Purple SAK Classic

Atwood G5 Prybaby "Roid Rench" Edition Link

Leatherman Skeletool CX Plain Edge Link to old serrated version

Citizen Dive Watch on Nato strap

Brass Armor Zippo

Modified Brass Zippo Link

Modified Steel Zippo Link


Fenix PD32 Prototype Link - Sold

CRKT Folding Razel with Custom Scales Link - Given

SureFire E2D LED Defender Link - Sold

Gerber Paraframe II Link - Traded


  1. Really sweet blog. I just wanted to ask if you are willing to trade/sell your 3V Prybaby? I've been trying to find one to use for ages. Is there an e-mail I can contact you with? There is no contact info on your profile page.



  2. Prybaby is not for sale. Check EDCF, CPFMP, USN, or one of the many sites that have WTB/WTS sections, I actually contacted Peter via email and asked him what extras he had lying around.