Monday, May 30, 2011

Surefire E2D LED Defender First Impressions

So I've had this Android tablet for a little bit, a Panimage 7" MID (Mobile Internet Device). I really never used this thing so I put it on craigslist, it sat there for like 3 months before I get an email saying that some guy has an old Surefire and some knives he will trade me. I end up meeting this guy and get a few cheap knives (I kept one out of like seven or so knives, and I only kept that because it was mostly serrated and it's going in my truck as a saw), plus a Surefire E2D Defender LED. The E2D has 2 modes with a 5 Lumen low and a 200 Lumen high mode. I also got a blue lens filter for it. The light itself is an older model upgraded with the crenelated "strike" bezel and a partially crenelated tailcap so that the light is able to "tailstand" or be stood on its tail.
The flashlight has gotten more use today
than the tablet did in the past 4 or 5 months! I actually was using a wire wheel to sand down something for a future project and the lights blew out, so I got my flashlight, stood it on its end, and kept going, Plus one point for tailstanding ability. It is also still able to tailstand even with the lanyard (which I will explain later) because the split ring sits inside the scallops of the tail.
While I really want a Surefire A2 Aviator or HDS RA Rotary for EDC, it is nice having an LED that doesn't drain batteries in 20 minutes then turn into an expensive paperweight until new batteries are found. This light is still a 2 cell light but it is much skinnier than the G2 and has a pocket clip to boot. The light also has a clicky switch instead of a twist for constant, push for momentary like the G2 has, again, also nice.
The 2 brightness level LED gives out either 200 Lumens on high, or 5 Lumens on low, the UI is such that you press once to get the high level, then let go and press again within 2 seconds to get the low level. I do wish it was the opposite as a 5 Lumen brightness level is quite useful in the dark and with the blue lens filter it won't hurt your night vision at all. Still, I'm not complaining as I traded an Xbox ($100 all in) for the Tablet (Worth $130) and now I traded up for a bunch of knives, AR-15 stuff (mags, rail covers, and grips), and a $170 Surefire. Next up I trade for a Porsche! Anyways, I got a great deal on this so craigslist can be your friend!
Here is the blue lens filter, it slides over the bezel so I can hide the crenelated part if I want to so that it looks more "friendly" as some people become uncomfortable with tactical looking gear. The blue is nice and although red is technically better for night vision the blue is something different and it works pretty well. I will probably end up leaving this in the house and putting it on at night just in case but I will take it with me every once in a while.
Here it is next to my G2, they are just about the same length but the E2D is much skinnier and a lot lighter too. Also the E2D has the bonus of a pocket clip and lanyard hole. The E2D is about 80 Lumens brighter with a dual-output mode so it has usurped the G2's rule as EDC flashlight. I will continue to use the G2 for nighttime when I need throw and not runtime but the E2D beats it pretty much everywhere right now.
Here is another angle showing both lights and a Surefire 123 Primary. The E2D is slightly longer but not by much. I do need to get some extra 123 cells soon as I am down to my last 2, the ones in the E2D, the G2 is empty so it has become a paperweight. I do wish Surefire would make flashlights that run on "normal" cells but I do see why they use 123's instead.
Here is a 200 Lumen beamshot, I would compare it to my G2, but that one, as I said, is out of batteries.
5 Lumens, in complete darkness there is not that much of a difference. 5 Lumens can get you across the house without stubbing your toe. Also, in low mode you get about 76 hours of runtime. In high mode the runtime is ousted by brightness, 1.6 hours is considered an average runtime on high. 76 hours of usable light is very good coming from 20 minutes with my G2.
Here is the high setting with the blue filter on, I do like the beam pattern but I am not a fan of colored lights. Blue works for me though and as I said, I will use this at night to try not to wake anyone up.
This was the biggest difference, all of these were taken at the same distance but because of the filter the low setting is brought even lower, this light is perfect for walking around at night because it won't spill as much light or bounce like the white light would.
Here is a close up on the lanyard, it is a very simple overhand knot layout with the center to a Zebra Compact F-301 Pen in between. The pen body is probably going to be engraved with this blog address because "Charlie Whiskey" works at a shop with an engraver! The duck tape looking finish is just some wheel coat that will be coming off very soon.
Overall, I am very pleased with this light so far. I do think it will stay in my EDC and get carried even when I would not have carried the G2 had I not gotten this light. Eventually I will be getting a single cell light, possibly a Surefire. I really need to get some boxes of 123's...


  1. Doesn't is feel great when you can trade off something you don't use for something you enjoy using? Good deal.

    - Midwest Man

  2. Yes it does. I traded an unused xbox for the unused tablet in the first place haha.