Sunday, May 15, 2011

Oakley SI Assault Boots Review

These boots are something I've planned on reviewing ever since I started this thing here and laid claim to my little piece of the internet. While I haven't gone around putting up fence on this property to keep out the hooligans just yet, I certainly have the boots to do it with. I have had a pair of tan Oakley SI Assault boots since about mid-2008ish. They wore in great and are very comfortable for my feet, I love them but I can't really say I'm too much of a boot connoisseur per se. I have worn a few different pairs of boots over the years and I have come to love my Oakleys.
Yes, that's plural, Oakleys.
I currently have 2 pairs of Oakley SI Assault Boots, one black and one tan. The black ones have a lace in zipper that works quite well, I cannot remember where I got it but I got it online somwhere... Keep in mind Oakley does have 2 versions made, one is made here in the USA and one is made in Asia. As I got these straight from a military supplier I am 95% sure these are the US Military spec Made In USA version.
The funny thing about these boots is that I actually have 2 different sizes, the black ones are a size 9.5
While the tan ones are 9.0
Both of these have seen their fare share of work.
Because they both are caked in mud and other nasty stuff from junkyards, yardwork, and whatever project I'm currently up to my knees in.
I'm honestly not sure of the dimensions of these boots but as you can see they are the 8" high model (Oakley does make a 6" model). I prefer the 8" model myself but if you are not wearing crew socks that come over the top of the boot they do like to draw blood, my legs have scars from this when I first got my boots and did not have any longer socks.
See? 8" model, told ya.
And just to prove I don't have all these fancy lightbox pictures, heres one where I'm standing in the yard, the lace in zippers work great because they have a nice loose fit when they are unzipped that you can still walk around it easily...
...but they still can blend in pretty well with the sneakers crowd when zipped up.
These boots do tend to disappear on my feet as I often forget I'm wearing them and think I'm in running shoes or something like that as they are so comfortable, however Doc Martins they are not, quite heavy when you first put them on but for someone who does not need steel toes they work great!
I do recommend these boots to anyone who asks, but for their price there probably are better alternatives out there, so keep this in mind. In the interest of honesty I did get both pairs of these for free (Military kid FTW!) as hand me downs but they were in almost new condition so I don't complain (heck I never complain about free stuff...). Considering that these have held up to my abuse for a few years now (the tan pair anyways...) I'm pretty satisfied with Oakley on these. I can't give you a place to buy the USA made Oakley's or a price on them so your going to have to do this one on your own... I will say however that people have been less than satisfied with the Asian imported ones so stay away from those.

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