Monday, May 16, 2011

Added another Zippo to the group with custom case coloring!

I recently got yet another Zippo to add to my collection (bringing the grand total up to a whopping 2) but I also did a little modding to it as far as the case coloring went. It started life as a weird jester card style lighter, so I threw it on a bench grinder. I ended up roughing up the brass underneath the paint as I was taking the paint off but I like how it ended up. It sits well with my other Zippo that I think looks awesome. Seriously, my brass Zippo is the bee's knees.
As I finally got around to this I must mention
that I don't carry either of these daily, the brass one has a regular Zippo insert but the silver and gold one has a 4GB USB drive in it (from a previous post).
I ended up not taking another picture of the USB insert but I will add a picture from the previous post (unless I find one I took after the fact...). The paint on the silver one was quite a pain to get off and I ended up sanding into the metal like I said earlier... So if you decide you want to try this for yourself; 1. Don't. I do not recommend trying this at home. In fact I advise against that. DO NOT COPY THE RETARDED MONKEY!!!! You can seriously injure or kill yourself and/or multiple others.
Here is the flash drive in the brass Zippo case, it is switched with the chrome case right now but that's basically what it looks like.
 I got bored and shot a few pictures and this one is the only good one that showed the Zippo's, I love the discolored brass one more and more.
I will leave you with this shot, just to prove that these are real Zippos and not your dollar store knock offs. I had one of those and they are stamped steel. Horrible pieces those are. Don't waste your money, if you want a Zippo; get a ZIPPO! Totally worth it.

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