Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Very Glad I Had My Surefire G2 Today

Today we had the worst storm so far this year, most of the area is without power right now and a friend of mine ran out of gas (at a gas station, which was without power). I brought him some gas but it was pitch black so out came the Surefire, I think I lit up enough of the surrounding area that other people could see what they were doing as well. It's a big difference to see how much brighter my light is over a cheap Maglite or generic LED in real world usage.
The other light is a Surefire Z2 as far as I can tell
 Just about everyone had a flashlight tonight but
with the LED's you had to be very close as there is virtually no "throw" of the light, and the Maglites, while they had more throw than the LED's, were too dim to do anything with.
Notice how much brighter this picture is? It was taken in the same light 5 minutes after the above picture.
 My Surefire worked great and while I do gripe about the runtime I did not have a problem with it tonight. After going to the gas station I had to go check on my girlfriend's parents because the cell service was horrible and we could not get through, when we got there they had no power as well so the Surefire came out again to check for damage to the house and yard. Thankfully as far as I know nobody was hurt. Edit: A shipyard worker was killed because wind toppled a large crane over and he was crushed. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. Rest in peace sir.
It's still raining outside and supposedly it's gonna get pretty bad again so I have no doubt I'll be using the Surefire again. I have come to love having it and while I would like a smaller light for EDC purposes I would have taken my Surefire today anyway. Great product and if your in the market for a flashlight I recommend researching it at Candle Power Forums first, Surefire's are great products. I recommend them to anybody looking for a flashlight.

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