Monday, May 30, 2011

Surefire E2D LED Defender First Impressions

So I've had this Android tablet for a little bit, a Panimage 7" MID (Mobile Internet Device). I really never used this thing so I put it on craigslist, it sat there for like 3 months before I get an email saying that some guy has an old Surefire and some knives he will trade me. I end up meeting this guy and get a few cheap knives (I kept one out of like seven or so knives, and I only kept that because it was mostly serrated and it's going in my truck as a saw), plus a Surefire E2D Defender LED. The E2D has 2 modes with a 5 Lumen low and a 200 Lumen high mode. I also got a blue lens filter for it. The light itself is an older model upgraded with the crenelated "strike" bezel and a partially crenelated tailcap so that the light is able to "tailstand" or be stood on its tail.
The flashlight has gotten more use today

Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Visit to the Global Supply Solutions Showroom

The trip to Global Supply Solutions was right after getting my knives sharpened and upon arrival myself and Charlie Whiskey were impressed with the sheer size of this place, it's HUGE! They have 2 main rooms for their wares as well as a good size lounge with a pool table and free drinks! Right after entering we were greeted by the receptionist and noticed the GSS business card, wow. The business card for this place makes a great first impression.
The business card is opaque,

Knife Sharpening At Drajon Tactical

So Charlie Whiskey and myself went back to Drajon Tactical Outfitters as he had gotten the wrong holster for his gun. I really wanted to go because I had heard they have a guy who sharpens knives every other Saturday. Today he was there and he did a really good job as they make hair jump off my arm when I think about trying to shave hair off with either my Razel or Paraframe (I had both sharpened).
Here is the guys business card,

5.11 Tactical V-Neck Holster Shirt First Review And Impressions

Now listen here meow, I bought one of these see? It's a 5.11 tactical V-Neck Holster shirt. I got it from Global Supply Solutions who have probably the nicest showroom I've seen for a tactical store, they have a government contract for military supply and give discounts to military, government, and a few other careers. I ended up getting the Holster Shirt with a slight discount which is pretty good considering they usually run upwards of $60. I have been wearing the thing all day and found out that my small frame doesn't conceal very well. I am going to find out if it is just the smaller shirts that I wear or if I just can't conceal anything but I do like it, I bought it for running anyways so even if I can't it's not a problem.
This shirt always reminds me of the cover to "Bullit" because

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Finally Found A Few Good Outdoors And Tactical Stores In The Area!

So myself and "Charlie Whiskey" over at Random Thoughts Of An Unconventional Person went around Virginia Beach looking for Outdoors and Tactical stores in the area, we got lucky and found a few. I ended up playing with a few things I have been wanting (Leatherman EOD MUT, Benchmade Infidel, Surefire G2X Tactical, Surefire A2, Surefire M6, and the Gerber Multi-Plier 600 to name a few). I don't remember exactly what order we went to these stores in but I'll do my best. Naturally I had my new Folding Razel on me and I kinda forgot it was there most of the time, it does disappear even though it was in my back pocket and I was sitting on it (sort of, more like right next to it but you get the picture) which is nice. I also had my Leatherman Skeletool and Surefire G2 with me so I pretty much had the full load out. I went just to see what was available locally but also to look at a few things in particular, those were: Vibram FiveFingers KSO Shoes, Pelican 1010 case, and 5.11 Holster Shirts. I ended up finding that a Pelican 1060 case was going to work best for me and nobody had a 5.11 Holster Shirt, but I did try on some FiveFingers and I like them.
 This was my knife/light/multitool carry for the day,

Friday, May 27, 2011

River's History

River Tam is a complicated 17 year old. Those of you who are fans of or have watched the Firefly/Serenity series know what I am talking about. In Firefly River Tam is an extremely gifted young girl who has an IQ higher than some zip codes. She is an expert in logic and thanks to some shady government types, can now read minds as well. This causes her much trouble through the series and her personality was very... quirky, one of my favorite lines she said in the show was "The human body can be drained of blood in 8.6 seconds given adequate vacuuming systems" and, while this seems disturbingly creepy, if you have seen it it makes perfect sense and is quite funny. A personality like this is what I feel my 4Runner (or FWhoreRunner) has, She works fine on some days and then for no apparent reason, stops working. She is very high-maintenance but not like a supercar high-maintenance, more of a "I don't want to go faster right now just because you push the gas" or a "I'm going to let my clutch slip a few times to scare you" type high-maintenance. 
 Not to say I haven't had my fun with River

1st Day With The Razel.

Ok, so it's around 10:30 at night here and I've had my CKRT Razel in my hand since 1:45 or so this afternoon. So far I have tested it's puncture and stabbing competency, it's cutting and slicing ability, and the selling point for me, it's prying suitability. I was clearing a lot of debris in both my and my neighbors yards as there were a not so insignificant number of branches lying around as well as a good many large limbs and a fallen tree or two (for the record we live in a subdivision, not out in the sticks). As there was quite a lot of branches I thought it would be the perfect test for my new shiny toy, unfortunately, I did not get to use it very much. I did whack off a few branches using both the belly and the tip of the blade but for the size the branches were, it was just easier to snap them off of they required a heavy axe. So for the majority of the day the Razel just sat there clipped to my pocket.
 Speaking of pockets and clips

Thursday, May 26, 2011

First Look: CRKT Folding Razel

I ordered my CRKT Folding Razel from BladeHQ and got it today! That's a 3 day wait! I ordered it because I love the blade style the Razel has and I intend to beat on it over the next few months using it as a chisel and a prybar to see how it performs. First thoughts are: Wow, this knife is beefy! The blade and liner are as thick as my Gerber is and the handles nearly double the width! It is a liner lock knife but the lock liner itself is roughly twice the width of the opposite liner. It also has a secondary lock to lock the blade open, effectively making it a fixed blade knife. I do already have a complaint about it though, and that is that the smaller tip up carry pocket clip hurts if you have your hand on it, in my first test with the knife I tried to slice bark off of a stick and when I hit a knurl in the wood the small clip dug in hard. Not fun. The small clip is coming off...
You can see just how much bigger the

Alicia's Story

I name all my cars, Alicia was my MR2, my baby, a 1991 Non-Turbo model with T-Tops and a 5-Speed Transmission. When I bought her the guy I bought her from was the third owner and somewhere along the line she had racked up 145,000 miles. She ran great, no leaks at all, the only problem was no A/C and the Power Steering was not hooked up because of it, I never noticed. She came into my possession wearing a few different shades of white paint with black trim and gunmetal wheels, the interior was a 90's faded blue but in good condition.
I was in love, the car handled like

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gerber Continued Review, CKRT Razel on the way

I found an old picture that showed my 2 old Gerber Paraframes (I forgot I ever bought a Paraframe Micro!) One is a Gerber Paraframe I Partial Serrated, while the other is a Gerber Paraframe Micro Fine Edge. The rest are cheap knives I've picked up, the blue one in between the 2 Gerbers is a Fury that my little brother picked up for me in Niagra Falls, it broke, then fell to pieces. The other 4 I sold, Left to right: Fast Action knife, Straight Razor Butterfly, Kriss Butterfly, Tri-Fold knife, Gerber Paraframe I, Fury, Gerber Micro Paraframe. They all suck with the exception of the Gerbers. I wish I still had the both of them but I lost the Micro Paraframe and gave the Paraframe I away. I should have a truck related post coming up soon as I am replacing my 02 Sensor but no new gear... Also my computer is done for so I'm borrowing another one for now.
 An update on the Gerber is

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Very Glad I Had My Surefire G2 Today

Today we had the worst storm so far this year, most of the area is without power right now and a friend of mine ran out of gas (at a gas station, which was without power). I brought him some gas but it was pitch black so out came the Surefire, I think I lit up enough of the surrounding area that other people could see what they were doing as well. It's a big difference to see how much brighter my light is over a cheap Maglite or generic LED in real world usage.
The other light is a Surefire Z2 as far as I can tell
 Just about everyone had a flashlight tonight but

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Posts and Reviews Are On Hold Until Further Notice

Ok guys,
My computer decided it did not like me so I am having to reset everything, it looks like I will be switching to a different computer but the other computer does not like my hard drive so everything will take 10x as long to move around. I will be playing with it to figure out exactly what needs to be done but for now this blog is going on the back burner. Sorry guys.
Back to business. CKRT Razel will be here either this week or next and I've got some posts scheduled to drop soon, I'm also going to work on switching over to wordpress rather than blogger but that's not high on the priority list

Monday, May 16, 2011

Today's EDC

So after reviewing my "normal" EDC rotation I decided to actually carry everything at once, on body. Normally my Surefire and Leatherman are carried in my messenger "Jack Pack" bag but today I decided to be different. I guess this will be an addition to my reviews on the P-7 Clip, Paraframe, G2, Skeletool CX, and my Zippo too just for kicks.
This is everything I carried today,

Added another Zippo to the group with custom case coloring!

I recently got yet another Zippo to add to my collection (bringing the grand total up to a whopping 2) but I also did a little modding to it as far as the case coloring went. It started life as a weird jester card style lighter, so I threw it on a bench grinder. I ended up roughing up the brass underneath the paint as I was taking the paint off but I like how it ended up. It sits well with my other Zippo that I think looks awesome. Seriously, my brass Zippo is the bee's knees.
As I finally got around to this I must mention

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Oakley SI Assault Boots Review

These boots are something I've planned on reviewing ever since I started this thing here and laid claim to my little piece of the internet. While I haven't gone around putting up fence on this property to keep out the hooligans just yet, I certainly have the boots to do it with. I have had a pair of tan Oakley SI Assault boots since about mid-2008ish. They wore in great and are very comfortable for my feet, I love them but I can't really say I'm too much of a boot connoisseur per se. I have worn a few different pairs of boots over the years and I have come to love my Oakleys.
Yes, that's plural, Oakleys.

Gerber Paraframe II Review

I picked up a Gerber Paraframe II after encouraging a friend to buy one then remembering I had given mine to an Ex-Girlfriend (Note: NEVER give your best knife to your girlfriend, make her buy her own). Technically I gave my Ex a Paraframe I, which has a .52 of an inch shorter blade than a Paraframe II. My Paraframe I held up to using it as a box cutter while working at a PetSmart for well over a year and my EDC blade for at least 2 years before I stupidly got into cheaply made Chinese 420 steel knives that looked cool and fell apart after 3 months. Either way I'm happy I have a Paraframe II Fine Edge (My last one was a partially-serrated blade) as an EDC knife.
This particular knife comes in at a 4.2oz weight

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Leatherman Skeletool CX Review

I've used and abused this particular piece of gear for about 8 months now rotating between bag or body EDC, losing it completely, or just leaving it on a shelf or in my truck (Where it is currently). So far my main complaint is that it is quite heavy, a lighter version would be nice (Titanium anyone?) but as I have already bent the pliers (Wood screws don't cut easily...). Leatherman does currently offer a good warranty where they will fix it and switch the blade to a straight edge (or fine edge, whatever way you want to see it) blade with only shipping (tracked and insured) to them as the cost to you, the rest they take care of which is nice. 
My absolute favorite part about this tool is the carbon fiber scale,

Friday, May 13, 2011

Surefire G2 Nitrolon Incandescent Review

I've had this old surefire G2 for quite some time now, of course it's slightly too large for an EDC pocket carry but for an off body carry it's decent. Weighing in at around 120 lumens with a warm tint this isn't really a light to laugh at, yes there are smaller, longer lasting flashlights that produce over 200 lumens on rechargable AA batteries now but you know what? Screw them. Yes, I said it. SCREW THEM. I don't own one of those and I don't need a keychain flashlight or HDS RA Clicky to make me happy sorry, I got carried away there... Yes I would prefer to have a nice RA Clicky or Nitecore EX10 or D10 (Or a Cool Fall SPY 007 Tri-V) as an EDC light (Oh the things I would do for a Tri-V...), but right now I cannot afford the cash to get one (Or anything for that matter...).
Overall I love the design of the G2,

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tec Accessories P-7 Suspension Clip Review

Around Christmas I picked up one of Tec Accessories P-7 Suspension Clips for my keyring, that means I've had it for around 5 months now using it every day. The clip shows almost no wear and has stood up very well (as it should, it was pricey for a piece of folded metal)
The clip itself is 7mm wide x 39mm long

22oz Black Canvas Messenger Bag "Jack Pack" Review

This semester I have been using a black messenger bag for school, I thought I would end up hating it but that is not the case. I have tried messenger bags before and hated them but they were cheaply made nylon pieces with skinny straps that dug into my shoulder. This one is different, it is the one that is used as Jack Bauer's pack in the show "24". If it's good enough for Jack, it's good enough for you.
As you might be able to see the bag has 6 pockets,

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lightbox Photograpy (I suck at it) + Zippo Close Ups

This will probably be the only time I apologize for posting a lot, but I don't know how much time I'm going to have free for this so everything is going up at once. I tried my hand at making a lightbox with what I had on hand, it worked... sort of. I had a somewhat box shaped white background that had filtered light on 2 sides and I could take pictures in. I can't take pictures to save my life, I need to learn to have Cat do that from now on... She is the photographer. Anyways, there are those of you who want to see what not to do for this. this is for you
I found my most favoriteist childhood toy today, Mr. Sociopath.

River is Back, Got a Shed, Cleaned the garage and a few other things.

So I got pretty sick last week, ended up I was a little sick before a physical test for the NAVY so I aggravated my condition through that, over-exertion, dehydration, and stress, oh and I didn't eat enough. Needless to say I was pretty bad off that night and the rest of the week (Working on getting things done without being able to swallow my own saliva much less eat all week...) I'm pretty hard-headed but after seeing black spots in my vision for awhile I decided to take it easy, so I put new tires on my dads truck (ok helped... well, watched.) but hey, free tires and they needed to be mounted! After that we got a forklift and moved a shed (no, seriously). Besides that I've been taking it easy (Of course I'm lying) but I got River back today

and reset the timing like a boss so she runs great and has no more

Friday, May 6, 2011

River: Update

Well, Toyota did not come through... They said they were not going to do my Headgaskets or my A/C Expansion Valve. Which means no Vacuum Leak fix either, Awesome. They also charged me a $100 "Diagnostic Fee" to tell me something I already knew. At least they actually replaced the steering rod though because I was mad enough already when they told me they weren't doing the rest. Screw them, I want out, I want my 5S-FE MR2 back! No fustercluck of vacuum lines, no cramped engine bay, better gas mileage (I hit 40mpg on a road trip at 70mph), and was way more fun to drive. Anyone wanna trade?