Friday, May 13, 2011

Surefire G2 Nitrolon Incandescent Review

I've had this old surefire G2 for quite some time now, of course it's slightly too large for an EDC pocket carry but for an off body carry it's decent. Weighing in at around 120 lumens with a warm tint this isn't really a light to laugh at, yes there are smaller, longer lasting flashlights that produce over 200 lumens on rechargable AA batteries now but you know what? Screw them. Yes, I said it. SCREW THEM. I don't own one of those and I don't need a keychain flashlight or HDS RA Clicky to make me happy sorry, I got carried away there... Yes I would prefer to have a nice RA Clicky or Nitecore EX10 or D10 (Or a Cool Fall SPY 007 Tri-V) as an EDC light (Oh the things I would do for a Tri-V...), but right now I cannot afford the cash to get one (Or anything for that matter...).
Overall I love the design of the G2,
and, while a quite outdated light for the tech that is out now, I like it. The new Maglite gives my Surefire a run for it's money but the Surefire looks easily 10 times better in every way (Yes, my Zippo is cooler than yours, no it's not for sale).

Even the orange-peel reflector looks better than the chrome Mag reflector in my not-quite-so-humble opinion (Hey, at least I don't have a Messiah complex... yet...).
My biggest complaint about surefire is their incessant need to put CR123's in all their lights, these stupid batteries are crazy-expensive and hard to find at that. I could use rechargables but then I would need like 3 sets because I would never charge them. I prefer good old AA or AAA batteries personally.
The light engine is pretty old tech by today's standards, a 6V Incan buld producing 120 Lumens is laughable almost, except for the fact that Incans (Incandescent) can start fires and light matches and give off stupid amounts of heat and what not. If your wondering if you have the P60 (65 Lumen) or the P61 (120 Lumen) the P60 has a blue ring whereas the P61 has a purple ring, as seen above.

I've gotten about a 20 minute runtime before the cells are drained and the light shuts off (always at the most inopportune times too...). The G2 sits at around 5.1 inches with a 1.25 inch bezel diameter. Weight is 4.1 oz with the batteries, which, by the way, are 2 CR123's.
120 Lumen Beamshot.

I do have this nylon case for the G2 but it doesn't fit quite right so I usually just slip it in the side pocket of my bag or in my pocket if I feel like it.
The G2 comes in 4 colors: Black, Yellow, Tan, and OD Green. I love having black but I can't say I would mind any of the other colors as well... OD Green is fast becoming a favorite of mine the more I see it. Also, Surefire offers a new tailcap "clicky" switch that does not require the "turn or press" that the current switch does however I feel that the new switch ruins the aesthetics of the light for me.
No, it doesn't tailstand. Overall for a hand me down (I get a lot of my gear that way if you can't tell...) it's a great light. If your coughing up the cash go buy a smaller AAA or AA light that puts put more lumens for around the same $59 pricetag as a Black G2 (thanks to a poster on the Gear Journal, The Sportsman Warehouse has all colors of the G2 for sale  with a P60 bulb for about $30! someone buy me an OD Green or a Tan one!). If you want a sweet Incan that isn't cutting edge tech but isn't a wimpy Maglite mini then here you go.
 You don't need me to get you a price and site to buy this one for you, I would recommend going to the candlepower forums and signing up. Read, use the search button, and learn. Great group of guys over there. Be warned however that you may find yourself wanting many expensive Titanium lights and you may also start thinking that $800 for a flashlight is "reasonable". So maybe don't go there... or do... whatever.


  1. I know this was a hell of a flashlight when it came out 20 years ago, but for what you're getting, the size/brightness/runtime is now as outdated as a Maglight.

    You can get a LED drop in for $25 that will turn that museum-worthy dinosaur into a useful flashlight.

    You can also order CR123 batteries online for $1 each (I usually get about a dozen at a time).

    If you want a newer, better performing flashlight, or one that takes AAs, you don't have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars. Even the cheapest Fenix/4Sevens/JetBeam/NiteCore/Olight/Sunwayman/Etc., will outperform the "has been" incan.

  2. Yes I know, for now the G2 is all I have but I'm planning on getting lights from most if not all of the companies you mentioned. I should be getting a LED Surefire very soon running about 200 lumens.

  3. That looks like one heavy duty flashlight. I love my maglite. Glad this one suits you well and you enjoy it.