Wednesday, May 11, 2011

River is Back, Got a Shed, Cleaned the garage and a few other things.

So I got pretty sick last week, ended up I was a little sick before a physical test for the NAVY so I aggravated my condition through that, over-exertion, dehydration, and stress, oh and I didn't eat enough. Needless to say I was pretty bad off that night and the rest of the week (Working on getting things done without being able to swallow my own saliva much less eat all week...) I'm pretty hard-headed but after seeing black spots in my vision for awhile I decided to take it easy, so I put new tires on my dads truck (ok helped... well, watched.) but hey, free tires and they needed to be mounted! After that we got a forklift and moved a shed (no, seriously). Besides that I've been taking it easy (Of course I'm lying) but I got River back today

and reset the timing like a boss so she runs great and has no more
leaks (that I know of) and filled her back up with all my stuff so she is back in business. When we got the shed in we immediately filled it to the brim with crap put it to good use. 

Simple 10x10 barn style shed. the price was right.
Having this shed means we actually have space in the garage! We can fit 2 cars in there now! We used to have trouble tossing a bicycle in there on top of everything without it falling back out like the hall closet but now we have more space than we know what to do with (ok, maybe not THAT much).
We could seriously use some more space though, thinking of turning this into a home gym.

Here is a picture of the last part of the garage used for storage, and most of this is my dad's Military-Issue gear, oh and a large freaking trident hanging on the wall, no worries.
This is whats in the shed, yard stuff and some rarely used tools...
oh and 2 boat engines, they are old Johnson Sea Horse models (a 3hp and a 10hp) and I have no idea when or how we got them, they just showed up. I like them though, they look good, a relic of a bygone era that will be sorely missed. You may have noticed the weird camo netting covered thing next to the shed, that is a kayak and canoe rack, the netting helps it blend in better with the fence.
It is a simple 4x4 post and 2x4 beam construction screwed to the fence, it works. moving on. I've got like 4 reviews lined up plus I'll be taking a look at how the Oakley's have held up (I know how they've held up, I'll just be telling you, If your nice to me). On top of that I have a few things here and there to add just like normal. Also, nobody comments... why does nobody comment? Is anyone even reading this? If you don't like how I do some of the things here or you have some suggestions leave a comment explaining why you hate me or whatever.


  1. This is great blog with good images and good details. Please keep on posting the more stuff. I will like to hear more from you.

  2. Sheds bring utmost importance to property owners. And yes, you have to agree on that with all those stuff you have there. :)