Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Visit to the Global Supply Solutions Showroom

The trip to Global Supply Solutions was right after getting my knives sharpened and upon arrival myself and Charlie Whiskey were impressed with the sheer size of this place, it's HUGE! They have 2 main rooms for their wares as well as a good size lounge with a pool table and free drinks! Right after entering we were greeted by the receptionist and noticed the GSS business card, wow. The business card for this place makes a great first impression.
The business card is opaque,
which I have never seen before. Obviously, these people believe the "spend money to make money" statement, and their set up shows it. GSS not only has the largest showroom of tactical gear I've found thus far, but has a cross fit gym as well. They are very supportive of the military (obviously) offering discounts to active duty members. Also, as you can see it is operated by Navy SEAL's
as well. Word of warning, it is probably not a good idea to try and get a five finger discount here, these guys can hurt you.
 I'm sorry but this card is just cool. Little details are the best. The customer service was awesome as the employees would answer any questions you had and find out what you really needed if you were not sure. Charlie Whiskey actually ended up getting a holster from here and I got my Holster Shirt.
This I thought was pretty cool, they have their own water they give out if you do not want a soda. Again, they spend some money to make sure you give them your business, it paid off for them as they have a government contract so it's a good business model.
Obviously these guys know what they are doing, the whole design of the place was very clean and modern and the selection was amazing. Overall a great store and A+ on customer service. These guys, Drajon Tactical, and Tactical Distributors are my recommendations for anyone looking to buy tactical gear in Hampton Roads.
I also got a sticker from them, my box is slowly getting to be stickerbombed! I still wish I would have grabbed a few more of the GSS and Tactical Distributors Stickers for my Nalgene bottles and any future cases I get.
This one is just for fun, Endless Root Beer Floats at Red Robin are amazing, we had 3 each. that rounds out to about a buck apiece and we could have gotten more if our stomachs would have handled it!

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