Sunday, May 29, 2011

Knife Sharpening At Drajon Tactical

So Charlie Whiskey and myself went back to Drajon Tactical Outfitters as he had gotten the wrong holster for his gun. I really wanted to go because I had heard they have a guy who sharpens knives every other Saturday. Today he was there and he did a really good job as they make hair jump off my arm when I think about trying to shave hair off with either my Razel or Paraframe (I had both sharpened).
Here is the guys business card,
I made sure he was ok with me posting this but seriously, this guy knows his stuff and will get your knife to a razors edge sharpness cheaply and quickly. Rick is the guys name so if you are around Virgina Beach and want your knives sharpened, call him up! To make it easier I am including his contact information at the bottom of this post
I liked how this shot turned out but here are the two knives he sharpened, $9 for the both of them and he explained every step he did in detail and provided reasoning as to why he did it, I support any business that is like that and you should too, no need to give your money to someone who will rip you off first chance they get when there are people who run an honest business and do good work.
Ok, the usual paper test, how cleanly does this cut with no support?
Looks clean to me, actually this knife had no problem doing this same thing to cardboard but I had no pictures of that as that was regular use and not a sharpness test
this is the cut made by the end of the knife, I believe it's called "push cutting" but this knife is great at it now where as before it would just tear the paper, now it just cuts it.
I then folded the blade into paper like so and it effortlessly cut through it, I almost did not push it down it was so sharp (then again it's a heavy knife)
Now for the Paraframe II, I almost did not get this sharpened but decided to at the last minute. I'm glad I did. This is the same test with just the next sheet of paper.
It was an effortless cut, the knife went from being "might be able to cut that" sharp, to sharp enough to shave with. Pretty cool.
Here is a close up of another cut by this knife, as you can see the edges are very clean so it did not tear but rather it sliced.
Here is the "control", the knife I did not get sharpened as I will end up sending it back to Leatherman soon anyway.
Ew, yeah this was basically a tear and not a cut, and this is my best steel! It's 154CM! When I get it repaired I will worry about sharpness but for now, not an issue as I carry a primary knife anyway.
I'll leave you with a final art shot, the look of this picture was purely by accident but I like it. Very moody.

To the Point Sharpening Service Contact Information
Richard P. Fay

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