Friday, April 29, 2011

Text-only update. River and Aimee (my computer)

Ok, short text only update here, I am updating to Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal (I would do this only because it's got Narwhal in the name, but since it's the next upgrade for Ubuntu, which is my Operating System, I'm upgrading for more reasons than that. I'm also kind of hoping that Ubuntu names it's next version Placid Platypus or Titillating Tiger (because Platypii are awesome and any excuse to use Titillating is worth it). Also, good news for my sanity and wallet, River is up for some under-warranty repairs, MAJOR under-warranty repairs. She gets a new headgasket, Steering arm, and A/C Condenser all for free, so my pitifully slow and painfully inefficient (9ish mpg right now) Truck gets some new life in better hands than mine. They will be fixing my vaccum leak while they are in there and will be telling me what other repairs can get done! Awesome.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Roadside Emergency Box and some future plans on where I'm going with it

Ok, oddly as promised, here is the Pelican case I'm using as a Roadside Emergency Box. I'll do my best to name everything in it at the end. I'm also looking to sticker it up so if anyone wants to donate towards my cause you are more than welcome to. On to the pictures!
 Here is the case as it sits. I've gone over the stickers already

River is alive! skid plate mounted!

Short and sweet, here is what she looks like (for now)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Reassembly of River and some painting!

So I got River (My Truck) put back together with the exception of the distributor Oil Seal which I am getting tomorrow. After I get that Oil Seal I can fill her up with oil and antifreeze, put the spark plugs back in, and fire her up! After 6 weeks of being without a vehicle I'm ready to be driving her again even though it is a piece of crap. After I found out I couldn't get the part my girlfriend Cat and myself started painting up my skid plate to be LOUD. We started with a bright yellow base then used almost 2 rolls of painters tape to tape off the designs.

Here is the skid plate once painted yellow. It could be better but its going

Saturday, April 16, 2011

I hate timing gears...

I really do. I have spent this week trying to get my timing gear off of my FwhoreRunner (4Runner) to no avail, I finally got it off this morning and I have been working on it since Monday. It ended up that there was so much rust it was basically welded onto the crankshaft.

The cell phone pictures suck but it gives you a general idea,