Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Roadside Emergency Box and some future plans on where I'm going with it

Ok, oddly as promised, here is the Pelican case I'm using as a Roadside Emergency Box. I'll do my best to name everything in it at the end. I'm also looking to sticker it up so if anyone wants to donate towards my cause you are more than welcome to. On to the pictures!
 Here is the case as it sits. I've gone over the stickers already
but the grenade has changed, it's now painted on instead of being a sticker.
Plastic primer, then some metallic silver rattlecan magic. It also appears Cat (my girlfriend) decided to put her name on it... As you can see its got my trademark XD Grenade. I really need to get some stencils of this...
This mess is how it looks open, I reorganized it later but it doesn't look all that different.
A few more things hiding underneath...

And here is everything, the 2 green objects on the bottom right are redundant first aid kits, the box one is expired so I need to go through it and replace things or re-purpose the box. Also, I see a lot of unmarked gear here... Again, stencils are needed. I love dating an Art student, I get benefits!
I love military instructions...
1. Take cover. Return fire as directed or required
2. Direct and expect the casualty to return fire if able
4. Try to keep the casualty from sustaining additional wounds.
Wise words indeed.
Here is the first aid pouch contents. I have not gone through this yet (I've been concentrating on the truck and I just got it anyways... Yay military!) so its contents will not be listed.
First aid box, same story, except most of this is expired (except some capsules that you break and have someone smell to wake them, those I tried... BAD IDEA, my nose burns at the very thought...)
Here is what is in the brown ammo box (British military if i remember correctly)

One (1) cheap Kriss-style butterfly knife (A gerber tool would be my preference)

The rest of my 12 gauge wire with a few feet of nylon tubular wrapped around it (10-15ft i think)

a 3.5mm male-male headphone jack cord, I don't know why, but I have it. Has a roll of electrical tape keeping it together.

A roll of almost used up electrical tape, again, don't know why, but it's here.

around 5ft of smaller gauge wire

Extra socks (need to replace with some thick tube socks but I'm working with what I have here...)

(3) Terry cloths and (1) Microfiber cloth. Just in case.

(2) Ziploc slider bags. Lifesavers when you need them.

(1) roll green duck tape.

The black box was not photographed but contains a substantial amount of tools, I need to sew up some more tool rolls and cut down the excess to what I will actually use. They are just sitting in there freely right now.

Ok, here is an exhaustive list of what is here, this thing weighs like 70lbs right now lol

~Cut up hoodie, need to replace with a warmer one but it's what I had.
~ Wife Beater, perfect for when it's hot, need to add a t shirt and a thermal.
~Half a roll of paper towels, (this is redundant because I have 2 rolls in my back seat but I want some shop towels to replace these, again, what I had.
~2 20oz water bottles
~ 2 chicken ramen noodles, these will be replaced with MRE's when I get the chance (Read: find them) I also have some French MRE's lying around somewhere
~2 styrofoam cups, Ill upgrade to a canteen or Nalgene bottle soon enough, there is a microfiber cloth in here to hold shape.
~tarp, I also need to add some tarp tie downs...
~Brown and Black Ammo boxes, these are discussed above, also need stencils.
~Ratchet Strap, I need to pick up some more of these
~Bungie Cord, more of these too...
~A large roll of nylon tubular, perfect, no need for improvement
~Extra Oil Cap, I lost this once in my engine, found it later but I carry an extra now, I also have an extra fuel cap I need to throw in here.
~Fix-A-Flat, I absolutely hate this stuff, but I don't have a CTIS system yet. Bleh.
~ATF, My power steering (which doesn't work) uses this. I've got the 5-speed.
~Backpack, for when i need to hoof it. I hope this never gets used.
~Tire Iron, for pesky hitchhikers and my wheels. Self-Explanitory.
~First Aid kits, I need to combine and condense these and learn how to use it.
~Extra Oil Filter, also want an extra set of spark plugs and a fuel filter

So, in conclusion:
Things I have and want to add:
~Warm hoodie and socks, T-shirt, Jeans, and a Thermal
~MRE's, one French, one American
~Nalgene Bottle
~Extra fuel cap

Things to condense and organize better:
~Ammo boxes
~First Aid kits

Things to make:
~Tool rolls and bags for black ammo box

Things to get when funds allow:
~Gerber multitool
~el cheapo 7-LED light or LED mini Maglite
~Ratchet Straps
~Bungie Cords
~Tow Rope
~Extra set of spark plugs
~Extra Fuel filter

Ok, that covers it, I have to add that there are a few things here that I will have redundancies of (or would if I had the money) such as multitools, flashlights, shop rags, paper towels, parts, and tools. I have gotten into this habit both from my friend Brandt and watching the "Analytical Survival" channel on YouTube, I highly recommend watching his videos and I will be implementing several of his ideas. I will have multiple flashlights just for the sake of convenience, for those of you who want to know. My idea is to have a LED light in reach no matter where in the truck I am, one attached to the center console, in the glovebox, on in the back, one behind the front seat, and one in the box. Multitools will be in my pocket (I EDC a Leatherman Skeletool CX, Awesome tool. I use it daily, seriously.) In the center console or glovebox, and in the box. Shop rags and towels always come in handy, used with duck tape they can keep a ship floating (not kidding here...). Spare parts should be obvious to those who have older cars or trucks... A set of spark plugs, oil, and fuel filter go a long way to keep you vehicle running and come in handy when you have to replace them... For serious overkill (I would love to do this...) add an extra starter, alternator, and all drive belts. You should always have a proper tool set if you can work on your own vehicles, A good basic set and some extra, more specific tools suited to your vehicle could save your wallet if you break down...

Ok, future plans for river:
~ Brakes, they need to be checked and possibly replaced
~ Inspection, it's 2 months overdue already, need this soon
~ Fix vacuum leak, it's making the truck run rough
~ Get Toyota to do a steering arm recall and alignment, this should be free...
~ The clutch is acting up, need to check it
~ Need to get the flywheel dust cover and a transmission brace
~ Fix power steering, I don't need it but it would be nice...
~ A/C is nice too... I should fix that for the summer...
~ Olive drab paint, have one can as a test and should be painting the gas cover and fender sometime soon
~ De-Chrome the truck, I have some bed liner in a spray can for this, just need the time and weather.
~ Finish painting the tow hooks, again, time and weather
~ Paint Hitch, See above.
~ Wash and detail, not worried about the paint but I want clean glass and interior

Last but not least:
The pin-up art is done, just need to figure out where it's going and put it there! River Tam from Firefly and the same personality that my truck has.

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