Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dave Ramsey and SmartyPig

So I have been watching the Dave Ramsey videos while going through his class and have just come across a site called SmartyPig, The site is hosted by BBVA Compass (Compass bank) and is centered on not going in to debt. This is very interesting to me because of the Dave Ramsey series and the fact that they actually seem to want people not to go into debt, they have an app for iPod/iPhone, they are making an app for Android, you can link it to sites like mint or yodlee for money management, link to a facebook page or twitter feed to show people what you are trying to save for and how you are doing in your saving. overall I think it is a good approach to banking and I do want to try it, now because I have no job who wants to donate money so that I can try it?