Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sunwayman V10R Titanium Disassembly and Ti+ Update!

Ok, some of you may be wondering why it's such a big deal to get this light apart, others know how bad it really can be. The V10R has so much loctite in the threads that people have bent their lights trying to get it open. I did not want to be one of those people, so I didn't try to open it. Well, Veleno Designs released a new cooling fin with 12 tritium tubes in it (Which is really cool), and as it replaces the regular cooling fin you have to take the light apart. Methods for taking the light apart vary from making Delrin blocks to fit the light, rubber straps, dipping it in boiling water, wood, aluminum, all kinds of crazy stuff. I actually was boiling the water when my idea came to me. What is it you say? Well, I am paranoid about breaking my light, and water in the electronics is a good way to do it, I didn't want to accidently open the battery tube and have boiling water flood the electronics so I taped the tube to the head of the light with electrical tape. Then I thought "Hey, why can't I just tape the heatsink to the bezel and twist it off? It would give me better grip!" I was actually going to do that and still dip it but use the tape when it really hit me, just twist it and see! So...
I twisted...

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

XM-L Sunwayman V10R Ti+!

Lightjunction has a pre-order up for the new Sunwayman V10R Ti+! It's the long awaited Titanium version of the V10R XM-L. The V10R XM-L is currently only available in aluminum with a black finish, or if you were very lucky in one of the AE Inferno Red editions (89 made) or V10R Ti2's (Black or Gold, 89 of each IIRC). However the AE edition was not Titanium, and the Ti2 had some problems with the gold finish (scratched up quite visibly) as well as most people not liking the tint of the U2 XM-L. The light it supposed to be available March 25th which sucks because I will be unavailable from March 21st until at least May 21st. (I also miss The Hunger Games, which I was looking forward too...). Either way, I still pre-ordered it and the AA Extender. Here are the pictures off of Light Junctions site:

Friday, January 13, 2012

My EDC Collection

This post will be continually updated at my discretion pretty much for linking to, so feel free to ignore what I'm saying and look at the pictures. That being said I'm going to try and keep an up to date list (with pictures) of all my EDC Gear with a section at the bottom for sold gear, and one beyond that for my pathetic attempts at photography. I will split it into sections and try to organize it, but no promises if a knife winds up between two flashlights. Also, while I am a knife and light guy, I do like guns so whenever I get one of those (If I still run this blog) a new section will pop up. The links run to my reviews of them or where they popped up on here and if it doesn't have a picture I'm either working on it or I really don't care. Some don't have reviews for obvious reasons and some things I just plain left out.

On to the crap!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

After-Christmas EDC Gear Additions, Razel Scales, and Curtiss Nano

Ok, well I'm introducing a few things here that may or may not be reviewed later on. First up, Victorinox Stayglow Classic.
Basically it's just a Swiss Army Knife that

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Atwood Roid Rench and Stonewashed P-7 Clip

I just got this Atwood in today, but it is awesome. Peter Atwood has what most would call a cult following for his tools, he sells them on his blog "Planet Pocket Tool" and every time something goes up for sale it is sold out in minutes if not seconds. When I first found his blog he had just started the waves of what he calls "Roid Renches" a version of his G5 Prybaby with nearly 1/4 inch thick CPM 3v steel.
His normal G5's are made with S35vn and slightly thinner. Well ever since

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fenix PD32 Review and Testing

Well I just got a Fenix PD32 in Tuesday (10-25-11) and I happened to have a day off! So I decided to get a start on testing it and seeing how I liked it. The awesome part is how I got it:
Fenix recently put up a promotion on their website asking

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sunwayman V10R Ti Full Review And Steve Ku Trit Switch Initial Review

Ok, so I've had my Sunwayman V10R Titanium for a little over a month now. I've used this little light probably over ten times a day, every day. The variable output is such a good feature I don't know if I will buy a light without it! There are many different light levels in the day and if I need a certain level so it's not too bright or not too dim the level is just a twist away!
I've been carrying the light in my jeans coin pocket mostly but

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ontario Knives RAT-3 Initial Review and Tree Falling

Ok, so I was going to go the the NAS Oceana Air Show today but it ended raining so we decided we weren't going to risk it and went to the SGK Knife and Gun Show instead. As we were looking around at the awesome weaponry (Kriss Vector, PS90, SCAR 17S, SOCOM 16, etc...) I found one knife I have been wanting for awhile; an Emerson Super 7. I waited for a few minutes for the guy working there to get a free minute and asked him about it, he said he wanted $200 for it so I thought about it while walking around the rest of the show. A few tables later (and by a few I mean most of the show) I saw another Emerson, this time a Mini CQC-7, and a Horseman, and a Commander... But the Mini-7 was awesome. I must have spent an hour deciding if I should buy it or not. I ended up not buying it because I didn't have that much cash to spare, but at the same table I came across quite a few knives I had been meaning to look at such as: Ontario RAT 3, 5, 7, and Izula II, and the Kabar ZK War Sword. The Kabar was one of those "Hey that would be cool to have" kinda things but I've been wanting a fixed blade for awhile and I hadn't seen the RAT-3 or Izula in person. The title probably gives away what I decided to get no?
As you can see I got the plain edge version,

Monday, September 19, 2011

Why I should never be filthy rich: A short story.

I would love to be rich, along with 99.99% of the rest of the world, but I would. Having more money than anything else would solve quite a lot of my problems, if anyone is stupid enough to hand me that amount of cash however, things will go very, very wrong. While I would absolutely love to be rich I should never be allowed to be, because after I go crazy and buy all the cool crap I want, set up an account large enough for me to live comfortably on only the interest, and build an Umbrella Corp. like secret underground bunker, I will resort to shenanigans. I got into an interesting conversation today concerning just that. What would I do with billionaire type cash? Well; you know those stories of men who went out and found a rare animal, possibly the last of it's kind just to kill? I would do something like that, I would hunt certain models of cars to extinction. If any of you ever get to know me you will find out that I absolutely despise one car in particular,

Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11th, 2001. Never forget.

May 1st, 2011: Osama Bin Laden was killed by an elite fighting force of men from DEVGRU, a force consisting of soldiers, sailors, and air crew members from all branches of the military, when they raided his compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. That day the mastermind behind the worst terrorist attack on U.S soil was brought to a swift end, his body dumped into the ocean. It is sad that when the news of his death was announced many young people and teenagers searched "Who is Osama Bin Laden?" in Google and Yahoo. This is disturbing to me because these kids did not know who he was even though most were aged 13-17 (according to yahoo, so the numbers could very well be off.) which would put them 3-7, they should have learned this in school at the very least! I was 11, my brother was 8, and my sister was 1. We were in a motel room in Gulf Port, Mississippi when the attacks were broadcast, I remember watching the 2nd plane hit the tower and watching them both crumble to the ground. I remember the sickening feeling I felt when that happened and knowing that so many lives had just been extinguished in that one act of terror. Please, remember what happened on 9/11 and pass it on to the next generation. Support those who lost loved ones in the attacks, support the first responders and those who helped in the search and rescue of those trapped in the rubble. Many of the people who were on ground zero are now developing cancer from asbestos inhalation and the government has abandoned them. Support the soldiers who are off fighting in the middle east, thank a vet for their service. These people have given up many things to protect those they love and their countrymen and women, they deserve at the least our thanks.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Dragons Breath 12 Gauge, and a few random pictures

Ok, so at the same gun show that I picked the Ziplight up at I noticed some Dragons Breath rounds for sale, they were $5 a pop but what the heck, you only live once right?
 Yeah, I wrote on it with a sharpie and shot it.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sunwayman V10r Ti First Impressions

So as I said in my last post I sold my Surefire E2D LED Defender to buy a new toy, this is that. I had been looking at a few different lights