Friday, September 9, 2011

Dragons Breath 12 Gauge, and a few random pictures

Ok, so at the same gun show that I picked the Ziplight up at I noticed some Dragons Breath rounds for sale, they were $5 a pop but what the heck, you only live once right?
 Yeah, I wrote on it with a sharpie and shot it.

It looked like this, only me instead of the other guy
Anyways, it was a blast to shoot and if you have the chance I recommend doing it at least once.
Ok, update time. This is me, yes I like Angry Birds, no you can't play. Anyways, hey shut up I'm trying to talk here... Hello? Why is everyone looking down at their... oh, Angry Birds...
Ok, the trophy was a gift from my good friend Charlie Whiskey, he works at a trophy shop and we had been discussing building a trophy for our group of friends and passing it off when someone did something completely awesome. So my friend decided to build me a trophy for my 21st that read:
Presented To:
Seth Barone
"For Being More Awesome Than You"
Above that plaque is a trophy figure of a horse's aft end, I'll let you figure that out. On the very top is a picture of myself with a Mossberg "Chainsaw" 500
Also, I've spent far too much lately on my new toy, the Sunwayman V10R Titanium I recently bought, because Steve Ku, of Valeno Designs (Kuku47 on CandlePower) made a tritium switch for it and my inner child screamed "OMFG IT'S GOT TITURNIUM AND TRITISUM!" (Yes my inner child is a bit loopy at times) and made me buy it.
I'm still undecided on the tritium color, I would love a magenta pink because that is one of my favorite colors, but purple or ice blue would be awesome as well... so many choices...
Ok, next up is my addiciton, forums. I'm a member of MR2oc, Twobrutal, Yotatech, Expedition Portal, Garage Journal, Gear Journal, Zombie Hunters, EDCF, Candle Power, Bladeforums,, and a few others I'm forgetting. The ones I've named are the ones I visit regularly too, but the USN, or Usual Suspect Network is a large knife forum with branches into most EDC related gear. It's a great site and I plan on supporting them with a membership soon.
So I;m wondering what my next knife will be, it will be awhile before I buy but I'm wanting to know what I want and I'm indecisive, do I want a fixed or folding blade? Do I want a clip point or wharncliffe? Right now I'm looking at getting something like the ESEE knives RC-3, or the Morris EDC 60 for a fixed blade
I'm liking the ESEE RC-3 (RC is Rat Cutlery so from now on I'll be calling it the Rat-3) more and more but the Morris EDC 60 is a pretty sweet little blade, made from a file by Mike and it just looks incredible!
The next knife I'm looking at is a Michael Morris Friction Folder, no locks or springs, just the handle, pivot, and blade. I would be getting something like this sweet little wharncliffe blade here. I've started looking more and more at wharncliffes and I'd like to try one.
This is the ESEE IZULA, a beast of a little knife that just keeps going, I've heard nothing but good about this knife and I will be getting one. It's a matter of when, not if. If I do get a fixed blade next (Which I've never had a fixed blade so I probably will) I think it's going to be the Rat-3, but the EDC 60 and IZULA are two knives I really like. In the end I may get one of the knives in this list, or one I've never heard of, it's a toss up.

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