Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Atwood Roid Rench and Stonewashed P-7 Clip

I just got this Atwood in today, but it is awesome. Peter Atwood has what most would call a cult following for his tools, he sells them on his blog "Planet Pocket Tool" and every time something goes up for sale it is sold out in minutes if not seconds. When I first found his blog he had just started the waves of what he calls "Roid Renches" a version of his G5 Prybaby with nearly 1/4 inch thick CPM 3v steel.
His normal G5's are made with S35vn and slightly thinner. Well ever since
I saw the Roid Renches I wanted one, but at the time I was not working and $80 including shipping is not cheap. The other day I was looking around online for them and was seeing prices (Still sold out by the way...) up to and over $200. I went out on a limb and just asked Peter if he had any Roid Renches left and it so happened that he had one sitting around, he sent me the purchase link and within 2 minutes I had ordered it. As I said, it came in today in the mail and I just happened to be home (I get lucky with my days off).
I haven't really had the chance to use it besides to open a bottle but from the standpoint of one who appreciates good tools and metalwork, I love it.
The finish might as well be a piece of art it is so nice, the edges are tumbled to a buttery smooth finish and the milling marks have a reddish tint from the heat treating. The heat and cyrogenic treating brings out the exceptional hardness in CPM 3v (around 57-59) and the high temperature is what the reddish tint comes from.
Another thing I like about the Roid Rench is that it has Peter's Area 51 Grinds on it, the normal G5's don't have the facets on the v-notch or bottle opener, while A51 G5's have 2 extra facets on the back which I don't care for. To be honest the only thing I would really like the Roid Rench to have is the Raw Bar finish that a few of the G5's got. Well, either that or Damascus, or DLC, maybe even Titanium... Anyway, I don't see me ever using the wrench on this as it is really just a large lanyard hole but the nail puller/v-notch cutter, prybar, and bottle opener will see a lot of use.

Next up is my stonewashed P-7 clip, I got the idea to stonewash it from a thread on a forum I frequent. I followed the instructions and was kind of disappointed because the finish did not darken with an acid etch, but I later found out that that is because it is not heat treated, as heat treated steels tend to darken better than non heat treated steels. Anyway stonewashing is really not that hard but I think it turned out quite nice!
Also I'm not sure if I mentioned it but I sent my Leatherman Skeletool CX in for some repair (The hinge was bent...) and I got a brand new one back in the mail (yay!). The funny part is where it use to say Skeletool CX it now says Freestyle CX but hey, I'm not complaining. I think that Leatherman just swapped those out to put the plain edge blade (Finally!) onto the Skeletools. I prefer the plain edge because a combo edge on anything shorter that 5 inches is hard to use, either have a serrated or a plain, not both.

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