Tuesday, December 27, 2011

After-Christmas EDC Gear Additions, Razel Scales, and Curtiss Nano

Ok, well I'm introducing a few things here that may or may not be reviewed later on. First up, Victorinox Stayglow Classic.
Basically it's just a Swiss Army Knife that
glows in the dark, pretty cool I think. Also it doesn't "scare" people because it's so bright of a color.
Pretty sweet. In fact mine glowed for quite some time, probably around 8 hours after being outside.
Next up is something that got here Christmas Eve, a Curtiss Knives Nano Framelock. The blade on this is .125 inch thick CPM 154 steel with a titanium lock side around as thick. The blade length is only 1.75 inches long but with a very large "belly". This knife cuts like crazy, and with it's stout blade is basically a pocket prybar.
As you can see I opted for the green scales, I've never had a green knife so I figured what the heck.
I like the clip in this knife, not as much as I like the Spyderco Wire Clip, but still the clip has good retention and doesn't tear pockets to shreds like some clips do. The lock is pretty stiff, your not going to flick this knife open but very well made. Pivot is a phos-bronze washer with a titanium liner.
The short blade and blunt tip make this a great knife if you don't want to scare anybody or work in a place that is not very knife friendly. Nothing screams out "weapon" and the colorful scales would more likely distract people from being scared of a knife (although being scared of a knife is kind of dumb unless the person holding it is using it as a weapon instead of a tool).
Here you can see the size next to a Classic SAK. Very small with a 3" closed length, 4.75" open.
Last is my CRKT Razel, albeit with some changes. Now the scales are orange G10 instead of the Micarta they were before and the new scales have deep finger grooves to aid grip. Holding the knife it really melts into your hand as the grooves "lock" the knife in place. A guy off of the forums did it for me and did a great job. The knife looks almost organic and as I use it as a work knife the safety orange is nice.
Here is what he started with, the thick scales need a lot of work at this point.
Rough cuts done, just needs to be filed down and smoothed out.
90% complete. The scales also cover the secondary clip location (I had taken it off as it annoyed me) leaving just a lanyard hole.
Here you can see how my fingers sink into the grooves. If I have a grip on this, it's not going anywhere.
And that's really it for knives. Thankfully a few weeks ago I called up my insurance and found out my computer was covered so they gave me some cash and I got a new computer. Ditching Alienware (Seriously, I will NEVER buy another Alienware again. After Dell bought them out they just went downhill) for a Toshiba. I got a Satellite 14" with the AMD processor. Of course never leaving well enough alone I didn't even boot it into windows before I had Linux on it. Now I'm running a 11.04 build Natty Narwhal (Yea, it's freaking awesome) and everything works as it should, plus I've got a few extras installed as well. For accessories I've got a LaCie Rikiki 3.0 USB 500GB hard drive (My computer has USB 3.0) and a 16GB LaCie MosKeyto on my keychain. I also got a Belkin Laptop cooler in the intrests of keeping my new toy alive. That's pretty much it, I hope everyone out there had a very merry Christmas.

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