Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sunwayman V10R Titanium Disassembly and Ti+ Update!

Ok, some of you may be wondering why it's such a big deal to get this light apart, others know how bad it really can be. The V10R has so much loctite in the threads that people have bent their lights trying to get it open. I did not want to be one of those people, so I didn't try to open it. Well, Veleno Designs released a new cooling fin with 12 tritium tubes in it (Which is really cool), and as it replaces the regular cooling fin you have to take the light apart. Methods for taking the light apart vary from making Delrin blocks to fit the light, rubber straps, dipping it in boiling water, wood, aluminum, all kinds of crazy stuff. I actually was boiling the water when my idea came to me. What is it you say? Well, I am paranoid about breaking my light, and water in the electronics is a good way to do it, I didn't want to accidently open the battery tube and have boiling water flood the electronics so I taped the tube to the head of the light with electrical tape. Then I thought "Hey, why can't I just tape the heatsink to the bezel and twist it off? It would give me better grip!" I was actually going to do that and still dip it but use the tape when it really hit me, just twist it and see! So...
I twisted...

The tape actually doesn't even leave a residue on the light, which is awesome. It pulls dirt off, leaving a clean surface. No scratches, no marks, no boiling water, nothing. Heck, it's pretty much free as most people have electrical tape lying around (Well, most people I know...).
Heatsink by itself, I don't have the new heatsink yet, but I wanted to get it off first anyways. It would suck major balls to have the part and not be able to install it.
Back together, everything works perfectly too! The rest is about the new Sunwayman V10R Ti+, which I will be taking apart the same way, and installing a heat sink if I can get my hands on another one. Anyway, Sunwayman just put up their photos today of the production version:

 This one tells the LED bin, as rumored, is a XM-L U2, same as the Ti2's.

 There's a shot of the extender, not much change there.


  1. Did you get the replacement fins from Veleno? I have waffled on getting the v10r Ti+ mainly because of the scarcity of the Veleno parts I'd want....

  2. I did, purchased in the 2nd run of them. been very busy with other things for quite some time now.

  3. @nemesis :( hope everything is ok. I still come to your blog for all the detailed reviews and DIY tutorials you have!

  4. @tara,
    Nemesis is fine, he just got busy with life and hasn't been updating. I will bug him about getting back in here and posting more stuff.