Wednesday, February 29, 2012

XM-L Sunwayman V10R Ti+!

Lightjunction has a pre-order up for the new Sunwayman V10R Ti+! It's the long awaited Titanium version of the V10R XM-L. The V10R XM-L is currently only available in aluminum with a black finish, or if you were very lucky in one of the AE Inferno Red editions (89 made) or V10R Ti2's (Black or Gold, 89 of each IIRC). However the AE edition was not Titanium, and the Ti2 had some problems with the gold finish (scratched up quite visibly) as well as most people not liking the tint of the U2 XM-L. The light it supposed to be available March 25th which sucks because I will be unavailable from March 21st until at least May 21st. (I also miss The Hunger Games, which I was looking forward too...). Either way, I still pre-ordered it and the AA Extender. Here are the pictures off of Light Junctions site:

As you can see Sunwayman updated their horrid clip to a decent Titanium version that screws into some pre-tapped holes in the tailcap. Otherwise the light looks the same, the body does appear to have some different machining and the grooves look deeper compared to the original V10R Ti, but the heatsink, mag ring, bezel, and tailcap look the same. Hopefully the Veleno Designs Tritium replacement parts still fit perfectly (Bezel, Heatsink, Bodies, Clip, Switch) as I've got those coming for my XP-G, but depending on which I like better they may go to the XM-L.
They don't actually show a picture of the emitter, and this is the closest it gets, but the reflector looks to be the same. Hopefully comparison shots will be released as well as the emitter bin after calling Light Junction, they said it is a U2 bin XM-L and beamshots before the pre-orders ship.

As you can see here the Ti+ comes with the Titanium switch that was on the Ti2's. That should mean that  the Veleno Designs switch will work.

Here's the last few pictures:


  1. Is this a piston drive, like the Nitecore ex10?

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