Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sunwayman V10R Ti Full Review And Steve Ku Trit Switch Initial Review

Ok, so I've had my Sunwayman V10R Titanium for a little over a month now. I've used this little light probably over ten times a day, every day. The variable output is such a good feature I don't know if I will buy a light without it! There are many different light levels in the day and if I need a certain level so it's not too bright or not too dim the level is just a twist away!
I've been carrying the light in my jeans coin pocket mostly but
when I wear something other than jeans it disappears right into my pocket (usually with my phone) and I don't even notice it's there. The size of this light is really amazing for the amount of light it puts out. Single cell lights are, in my opinion; the best EDC lights available for regular use. Granted, if you work in law enforcement or military and need extended runtimes or the extra brightness then a 2 or 3 cell is best, but for people who don't need that, a single cell is the easiest (and most likely) carry choice. The build quality is actually pretty good, the threads are well defined and thick while the grip lines do exactly what they should. The grooves on the rotating ring aren't too sharp but still hold the hand very well when in use. The things lacking on this light are most importantly a pocket clip as the one that came with it is just horrible, after that it is really a matter of personal opinion but I would love an HDS RA style bezel, more of a scalloped than crenelated, to go with this light. One other thing I didn't like is the clicky, it's a great light made out of titanium but has a rubber clicky switch, that just won't do. So I found a guy on CPFMarketplace who sells among other things a titanium and tritium switch for the V10R.
Now before I say anything else about it I want to say I am in no way afilliated with Steve and I get nothing for writing this, I say this because his work is incredible. To start off Kuku427, Steve Ku's CPF handle, is known on the boards for making some pretty sweet looking lights, in fact his Nitecore EX10 "Fatty" is the light that really got me into flashlights. Anyway I ended up buying a single switch from him with 3 pink trits installed, when I got it the switch just did not function as it should so I contacted Steve and within two hours of me first emailing him with the problem he had shipped off two replacement switch inserts free of charge. Steve just runs his business right, how most companies should (but don't) run theirs. When I got the switches the first one I tried actually did not even work at all (now imagine if there was only one switch in there, yeah I would probably be kind of mad) but the second one worked perfectly. Throwing that second switch in there was insurance to make sure I as a customer would be happy with his product, and that is just good business sense because I like supporting businesses like that and I have a feeling that this switch will not be the last thing I buy from Steve.
Ok, with that over on to the actual switch. The switch is titanium with 3 tritium slots pre-milled, Steve can install trits of certain colors on request and I settled on pink, it's more of a magenta really which happens to be a favorite color of mine. Also I like being different so if I happen to run into someone who has a V10R Ti with Steve's trit switch it most likely won't be the same color. The switch itself has a great feel to it, very solidly built and the machining is very precise.
The switch is a bit of a pain to install but using some white lithium grease on the threads and a pair of tweezers to screw it down worked great. The haptic is very smooth, not a clicky switch but rather a smooth silent electronic switch. There really is not much more to say about this switch but that it is quite freaking awesome and makes a V10R Ti look way better and adds to the appeal of the light. If you have a V10R Ti (or just a V10R...) You owe it to yourself to take a look at what Steve has to offer here. As I said before Steve is a great guy and can almost guarantee that there will be more of his designs here in the future.


  1. maybe a stupid question, but is there any other way to get a trit in the v10r beside this way?


  2. Well, Veleno Designs sells switches, bezels, and heatsinks with trits in them, but you could get someone to mill slots out. Check out, there's usually a ton of info there.