Monday, May 16, 2011

Today's EDC

So after reviewing my "normal" EDC rotation I decided to actually carry everything at once, on body. Normally my Surefire and Leatherman are carried in my messenger "Jack Pack" bag but today I decided to be different. I guess this will be an addition to my reviews on the P-7 Clip, Paraframe, G2, Skeletool CX, and my Zippo too just for kicks.
This is everything I carried today,
Song playing is "Breathing Blood" by Oh, Sleeper, it's a metal/hardcore style so not to everyone's taste but not as violent as the title sounds. In my usual paranoia I covered up my keys. I wore a pair of camo type cargo shorts today so keep that in mind.

On to my thoughts!

Leatherman Skeletool CX: I forgot I had this on me today, so I am really not saying much different... As I said the weight is on the heavier side but it's still not bad, I diddn't feel it today. I also did not use it at all for some reason but I'm glad I had it with me!

Gerber Paraframe II: I recommended this knife to a friend who has a review slightly different from mine. You can find that here. As with the Leatherman, I forgot I had it and had no reason to use it today, it sucks that I diddn't but it carries well.

Surefire G2 Nitrolon P61: I actually used this once today and a few times last night (mostly screwing around testing brightness). Today was way overkill but hey, overkill is what I do. Last night I tested it against my friends Maglite XL50 which is supposedly rated at 104 Lumens, I saw no difference in brightness to the naked eye (16 Lumens is not that much difference, not visible to the naked eye). The tint from the Surefire was much better, as was the throw and width of the beam. A few hours later I went to some wooded areas and found that the throw of the Surefire was quite impressive, I cannot give an exact number but an estimated 200 yards or so away and the beam was visible on some trees.

"Steampunked" Zippo: Out of fuel, was not used. Suck.

Tec Accessories P-7 Suspension Clip: Awesome, I love my keys being out of the way.

Pantech Crux: I hate this phone, don't ever get one. Seriously. Texts arrive 30 minutes to a few hours late, phone calls get missed because it will not ring, don't get one.

The Rest: iPod for music in the truck, Wallet for cash and ID, Notepad for jotting things down. Meh, normal things. Boring.

All in all I'm glad I decided to carry all this with me. I like having my options open and my bases covered. If there is anything you would like to know about this stuff let me know in the comments!

PS: This may be it for a bit until I get some new things in to review (which may be awhile). Life interferes and I'm broke. If you are reading this and you make something that you want to show people send me one and I'll review it!

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