Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lightbox Photograpy (I suck at it) + Zippo Close Ups

This will probably be the only time I apologize for posting a lot, but I don't know how much time I'm going to have free for this so everything is going up at once. I tried my hand at making a lightbox with what I had on hand, it worked... sort of. I had a somewhat box shaped white background that had filtered light on 2 sides and I could take pictures in. I can't take pictures to save my life, I need to learn to have Cat do that from now on... She is the photographer. Anyways, there are those of you who want to see what not to do for this. this is for you
I found my most favoriteist childhood toy today, Mr. Sociopath.

He was my companion through many great adventures in those early developmental years. I remember throwing him fondly into a group of people and laughing maniacally while pulling the pin over and over. Ok, ok I'm kidding, I don't really do that (all the time) I got this a few years back and recently had Cat paint the smiley face holding the pin in its teeth, this started my Grenade XD that has become my symbol of sorts. Here are some more pictures:
 Better view of the pin in his teeth
Now onto the lightbox, I took a card table and put a sheet over it, this diddn't work perfect as you can see but it did work.
Obviously it would be better with a true lightbox and real lights and camera rather than a cheap point and shoot with halogen work lights but hey, I'm working with what I have here!
You can see here I didn't have a plain white sheet, I had a striped one. It works.
These last 3 I just threw together with some stuff I had lying around from my EDC, my bag, and random stuff from my room.
These are just 2 Hotwheels cars I picked up at Walmart, They are both Honda S2000's with what appears to be Spoon hardtops, the Silver one is factory damaged to appear "Hellaflush" and they yellow one is in good condition.
Tuckin' Rim
I'm not gonna lie, I would love to drive this car in real life, it looks like it would be fun.
Ok, now onto the Zippos: I got another one some time ago and the first thing I did with it was burn it. The paint on this one was slightly tougher to get off so it is more of a silver than the bronze like the first one.
I like how the pattern on this side ended up looking like a flame, overall I'm quite pleased with how it turned out!
Here are the reverse sides, the brass one is still my favorite by a long shot but I do like the silver one quite a bit.
Here is the bottom to prove that both are real Zippos, not the fake knock offs you can buy.
 And to finish off here is a shot showing texture.

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  1. I've always been meaning to make a lightbox, but never get around to it. Here's a post I've come across in the past on how to make one with minimal cost:

    Btw, good luck with your blog!