Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gerber Continued Review, CKRT Razel on the way

I found an old picture that showed my 2 old Gerber Paraframes (I forgot I ever bought a Paraframe Micro!) One is a Gerber Paraframe I Partial Serrated, while the other is a Gerber Paraframe Micro Fine Edge. The rest are cheap knives I've picked up, the blue one in between the 2 Gerbers is a Fury that my little brother picked up for me in Niagra Falls, it broke, then fell to pieces. The other 4 I sold, Left to right: Fast Action knife, Straight Razor Butterfly, Kriss Butterfly, Tri-Fold knife, Gerber Paraframe I, Fury, Gerber Micro Paraframe. They all suck with the exception of the Gerbers. I wish I still had the both of them but I lost the Micro Paraframe and gave the Paraframe I away. I should have a truck related post coming up soon as I am replacing my 02 Sensor but no new gear... Also my computer is done for so I'm borrowing another one for now.
 An update on the Gerber is
I recently used it to shave the bark off of some sticks and carve them to a point for roasting marshmallows at a bonfire recently, the blade edge held for the first few but then got quite dull by the end of it. As I do not own a knife sharpener I am going to have to find someone who has one. The TiN finish on the blade has worn down significantly from use as well but the knife is still very sturdy and has no side to side "wiggle" common on cheaper knives. The blade itself has very few notches in it, there are a few dents at the tip of the blade but only one noticeable notch about halfway down. I was abusing it by cutting hard wood but a better steel would hold up better. I do have one complaint so far and that is that it attracts a high amount of pocket lint, this knife is covered in it! It has tons of little gray specs all over it.

My Leatherman was also used in cutting sticks, the 154CM blade held up great but the serrated half would not cleanly slice so it got about halfway done with one stick before I broke out the Gerber. The Leatherman's blade has seen better days as it was incorrectly sharpened (My little brother stole it for like a month, I thought I had lost it) and I do not know how much hard use it has been through in my little brothers hands when he had it. The rest of the tool is in great condition however, as there are only a few small scratches in the DLC coating and it does not attract pocket lint as much as the Gerber. It does still need to be sent in to Leatherman to be repaired and get the fine edge 154CM Blade.
 The fine edge blade is just my personal preference, if I am hiking somewhere I will carry a combo edge and a folding saw, but for daily EDC I want a fine edge.I really do love how well my Leatherman has performed seeing as I give all my gear a "hard use" life, I can't buy a cheap piece of gear and be happy with it (Cheap is relative, as I am unemployed, cheap means under $10 or just about anything from Wal-Mart, with the exception of my Gerber.) All of my cheap knives and multitools I either broke or gave away because I realized how bad the fit and finish were, I am working my way up with the knives though, as I have a CKRT Folding Razel on the way here.
As you can see it is a chisel point knife. The blade itself is 3.13 inches long and I of course got the fine edge version. I do want to keep getting better quality knives but this has to be my favorite blade design, Graham Knives pioneered the Razel and CKRT has done the "lesser quality" version of it for them, a real Graham Knives Folding Razel is around $800. The CKRT Folding Razel uses 8CR13MoV steel while the Graham version uses S30V, 8CR13MoV is comparable to 440C steel but slightly higher quality and S30V is a very high-grade steel. I do believe Spyderco uses 8CR13MoV steel in some of their lower cost knives (Spyderco uses a lot of VG-10 and some S30V in their better knives if I am not mistaken). Needless to say I am excited about getting a new shiney toy, the fact that it is a knife is just icing on the cake.

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