Saturday, June 4, 2011

Today's EDC and a Quick Review on Nalgene Bottles and an Outdoor Research Insulated Cover

Today I had a pretty good sized EDC Carry, I had the usual Wallet, Keys, Phone, Notebook, and Knife but I also carried my Zippo (Which I just got engraved), my new Ruko 067, and my new-to-me Surefire E2D LED Defender.
And, for some reason (I'm tired is most likely), My Surefire E2D is missing
from this picture. Everything else is there though. I cannot stress enough how much of a PIECE OF CRAP the Pantech Crux is. It takes up to an hour and a half to receive text messages. Do NOT get a Pantech Crux.
Ok, here is my Surefire with the engraved Lanyard Bead Pen Body thing. It has NEMESIS on one side, on another, and the last engraving is in smaller print. I still cannot get over how insanely bright this is compared to my G2, I know there are much brighter lights but just starting out as a Flashaholic, it's quite impressive.
And, a quick shot of the Zippo with The Boondock Saints prayer on it. I don't even have any lighter fluid in here and I still carry it just because! I am going to get lighter fluid yes, but I am carrying this anyways.
Ruko 067, small, light, and inexpensive. Not the best but it's decent. Good match to my Zippo.
And here is my meager EDC Gear Rotation. The G2 and the Paraframe probably will not get carried much but they are there as backups. The silver Zippo might get some Firefly quotes engraved on it (I'm open to suggestions, whatever they may be), and the Pantech Still SUCKS!
These are all 4 of my knives, I will get more but it's more than what I started with when I started this blog! Top to bottom are the Gerber Paraframe II Fine Edge, Ruko 067, CKRT Folding Razel Fine Edge, and Leatherman Skeletool CX Combo Edge (I will eventually send this to Leatherman to get the Fine Edge Blade and get it fixed).
This is todays EDC Gear carry. Zippo and Ruko went in the coin pocket of my jeans, Leatherman in back right, Razel was IWB (Inside Waist Band), and Surefire was left front pocket with my keys.
This was just for fun. My 2 Surefire's fighting. The E2DL won.
Ok, anybody who has gone camping usually knows about Nalgene, these almost unbreakable bottles are awesome, I've got a few and they are great for "stickerbombing" to make them stand out (Easier to spot if there are a bunch of these laying around too, as is the case here). Mine currently only has one from a show I went to a few years back, but it has a few getting added to it soon.
This Outdoor Research Insulated Case is a great companion to the Nalgene bottle as it helps when it's really hot outside to keep the ice from melting, also you can velcro the case to a strap and just unzip to get the bottle out, which is what I normally do.
Perfect fit too! I use this case all the time and I really recommend it if your looking for one.

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