Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pelican 1150 Case and Lots of Pretty Pictures!

So I finally got a Pelican case for my EDC Rotation, the only thing is it is not a 1060 like I was going to get, it's better! The Pelican 1150 is larger than the 1060 in both width and depth but the 1060 is slightly longer.
1150: 8.18" x 5.68" x 3.62"
1060: 8.25" x 4.25" x 2.25"
The 1060 would have held everything I had perfectly, but since I went bigger, now I need more stuff to fill it with! Anyways, here are some pictures of my new box, remember this is new-to-me, I need some stickers to make it mine.
 I have no idea why "OAK" is on the lid but
that is coming off or getting covered up very soon. The box is in great condition with minor surface scratches as the only bad part (and it's not really that bad, Pelican cases look best scratched and stickered up!) The latches will take some getting used to as they are smaller than my 1650 case I keep in my truck and do not open up without persuasion.
 The case is pretty roomy and holds everything effortlessly. 1150 cases are also available in Silver, Orange, Yellow, Blue, OD Green, and Desert Tan if black does not suit you (which it should). I really love the fact that Pelican Cases are made in the U.S.A. and have a lifetime warranty that covers everything, if you ship them a broken Pelican Case, they will ship you either a repaired or a new one.
 Here is the case full, you can see the camera I have been using here because I had my girlfriends camera today (which is why the pictures are so nice!). 
 Ok, I set my box up in "stages" here (I keep my E2D out as it sits beside my bed and night and in my pocket during the day). My Surefires with a blue diffuser, CR123 Primaries in 2 boxes, one for new and one for not quite yet dead batteries. I also have both of my Zippos here at the bottom as well.
 Next goes my knives and keys along with a Zebra Mechanical Pencil and a Stainless Steel Sharpie. The Camera was explained earlier and as I have my girlfriends camera right now it will stay here for a bit.
The nice thing about my girlfriends camera is it can get very close up, here is the Pelican Case stamp on the front of the box. You can clearly see everything which is very nice coming from the usual crappy pictures, I
also have better control over white balance and exposure time which helps a lot as well.
Made in USA! Also, a Surefire G2 tried to get in the picture. I love being able to go almost Macro in photography, getting close enough to make out the texture of different objects is both challenging and fun.
Probably the hardest challenge was trying to get the XD in the grenade engraved on my Zippo to show, but I finally got it! I have a few ideas for "Charlie Whiskey" to try out soon so you may see more engraving coming up here in the next few months.
Just in case some of you were wondering... Yes, it is real.
This picture came out very well! It is the prayer from "The Boondock Saints" engraved on a custom finished Zippo which was shown in a few earlier posts. The font here really sets it off and the contrasting shiney and dull brass is a neat effect as well.
And at this point I'm really just photo-whoring the poor lighter, I really need to get some Zippo Fuel and a Super Tank so it won't evaporate in a week. Just keep adding things to my list to buy...
The other hardest thing I had to photograph was the lanyard on my Surefire E2D, the bright chrome did not take well to direct light or flash photography so I ended up having to use a longer exposure in low light to finally achieve success. It is showing the larger address for this blog (there is a smaller one on the other side) and also has the TEC P-7 Suspension clip in the picture. TEC Accessories is thinking about doing a limited run of coated P-7 Clips so go beg and plead for Copper and Dark Purple to be options! Tell them rockingthe2 sent you!
Speaking of that little clip, here is a shot of it by itself, if you haven't read my review of it here then you should, I think it is well worth the price and will eventually end up getting a few more (In copper hopefully but probably in black as that is going to be the most popular choice). If you are into EDC and do not have a P-7 clip, try one.
Diffusion at work, my blue diffuser for a Surefire E2DL Defender. I use this at night to help preserve night vision, although green would be better, I only have blue.
While I'm on about the E2DL, here is an obligatory crenelated bezel shot, it took nearly 40 tries to get this one right with exposure and focus but I finally got it! Lots of pictures equal more results!
And here it is partying with it's fat sister, the G2 Nitrolon. These are my only 2 Surefires right now and if you see them with any other I probably borrowed them. I do want to get an A2 Aviator but they are quite expensive and the Green/Yellow LED version is hard to find. I seriously want to get 3 A2's, and mod them so that I can hot-swap the LED colors easily.
And here is some carbon fiber goodness! Courtesy of the Leatherman Skeletool CX who was happily voulentold to be EDC eye candy. Carbon Fiber is tricky to get a good picture of, to me it always looks fake or 'shopped because of the twill.
My Razel over the Ace of Spades, I got creative and threw a deck of cards on the floor, found the Ace of Spades, and tool pictures, this is what resulted of that. You may notice my grimy fingerprints on the blade, the Razel seems to take a liking to fingerprints, hopefully they don't rust.
This will be the last shot here, I took well over 300 pictures today and very few (around 90) were good enough for me to use. Most of the bad pictures were me trying to get the correct exposure or focus, but a few were deleted because the white balance was off, I'm glad I date a photographer otherwise you would have to suffer through my crappy pictures all the time! I did pretty good today with a camera today though and I did not break it! Anyways, a more in depth review of the 1150 will be up in a few weeks after I have put it through its paces and gotten a few things out of the way. Don't touch that dial! Nemesis' Blog will be right back!


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