Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ruko 067 Traditional Pocket Knife Impressions

So I got a Ruko 067 today, it's a little "traditional" pocket knife with 2 blades and a 2 3/4" closed length. The blade is cheap 440A steel but the knife is so small that it really does not make too much of a difference. The blades open opposite each other I cannot give you an accurate blade length on this knife but I can say that the main blade is about 2 1/4" while the small blade is only about 1 1/2"-1 3/4". The knife weighs in at a featherweight .98oz so make no mistake, this thing is SMALL!
The scales are made of Pakkawood while the bolsters
are Nickel Silver. The liners are made of brass which should be perfectly fine on so small a knife. Now keep in mind when I say small I do not mean useless. I thought it was and I only got it (Traded a few cheap knives I did not want for it) because I liked the looks of it and decided I wanted it, it has come in handy to open packages where either the Razel I usually carry is inappropriate or just too large. A perfect example is that I opened a pack of water today with it, the Razel would have worked but the 067 was pretty much perfect for the job. Heck, now that I think of it I could have used my fingers to open it but hey, if I did I wouldn't have excuses to pull out knives!
The Razel's blade is almost thicker than the 067 and this photo shows how small this knife is, while the Razel is a beast of a knife I also added a standard Zippo (Standard size anyway...) to the picture just as an added size reference point. The bolsters and pins are finished in a brass look which goes well with the wood scales and really makes the knife look nice, very much a "Gentleman's Folder".
Even with both blades open it is short, under 5" most likely, with only the main blade open it is still shorter than the Razel closed (I do not have a picture of this though) and with both blades open is still smaller than the palm of my hand (again, no picture). The knife is advertised with a lifetime warranty but then again it also is said that the knife is "razor sharp", so take that with a grain of salt. This knife is dull, more dull than a butter knife really. It will not shave arm hair even with a good amount of force, I'm sure that if you tried hard enough you could eventually cut skin, but not easily.
I do like the traditional 2 blade style here, a very nice looking knife. I do however, wish that it was of better quality, not that there is anything wrong with the knife but it's just that I prefer something not 440A. If this knife were in a bigger package with a few grades higher blade steel I would absolutely love it. However it is not so, a Case or Buck knife (Not the knock-offs) would be perfect so I guess I'll be adding a few more knives to the wish list.
Overall for something I basically got for free it's pretty nifty. It retails for something like $11 so it would be a great first knife if for some reason you had an aversion to the always useful Swiss Army Knife or were too cheap to get a nicer knife of the same style. Overall I would not buy it but since I got it for free I will probably keep it and use it sparingly. Quality is alright with blade lockup and fit and finish are average, it just fails because of the flimsiness of it's size, if you need something that size it might be perfect though.


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