Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Oakley Oil Rig Project. Pt 2.

Ok, so my first attempt with the Oil Rig sunglasses has failed, miserably. The paint would not smooth out or sand down at all and i just had no luck with them...
The new plan is to bring them back to a matte or flat black. they are sitting in a bucket of solvent right now which hopefully will help. Here is what they looked like after they were painted

Here are both arms and the rims of the glasses
Just the arms, the bluish rectangle is painters tape over the Oil Rig logo
Just the rims, the color reminds me of... well... you know...
Here is the left arm, the Oil Rig logo is the original black, but there are 2 shades of sperm white on the side
This is what made me decide to go to black again, the detail is HORRIBLE!
With any luck I will be able to salvage these and bring them back to life, if I decide to paint them again it will be painted a very dark color (possibly Galaxy Blue, a colorshifting blue-purple) so that any flaws will not stand out. My only other idea is to take a dremel and try to copy this:
It wont turn out perfect but I am hoping that I can get it like this:
Thanks for reading!

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