Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Moleskine Art Pt. 1

I carry around a large Moleskine blank sketchbook for when I get bored (ALOT) and decided to try my luck at drawing one of the dragons from Reign of Fire, it turned out much better than I thought and gave me an idea, why not put all my semi-artwork up here? so I am. I present: my miserable artwork (I promise I'll get better!)
I thought this was a really cool image of the Moleskine logo

My first piece that I drew in my sketchbook is the MR2 Eagle
Horrible and unfinished drawing of the post-apocalyptic London skyline with dragons...
My current "Best Work" a fire-breathing dragon! (I need to redo the scales along the back and wings)
This is the dragons head from above, but shaded in on the next page (negative imprint)
My idea for a "survival kit in a nalgene bottle" list. My thoughts usually get collected is such a manner
This is my "Vehicle Safety Kit" stored in a .50 ammo box, there is a lot of food here...

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