Wednesday, September 8, 2010

4Runner sunroof swap!

Ok, so I have been driving around with a shattered sunroof on my 4Runner (2nd gen 1991) for about a year now, it doesn't leak but it looks really bad. A few days ago I was carousing a local Pick-N-Pull (BIG thanks to Cory) and happened upon a sunroof the same color as mine, SCORE! $20 bucks later I had me a newish new-to-me un-cracked sunroof! The awesome part was that I got the ENTIRE sunroof assembly minus the motor and switch, which isn't a problem as both of them I had to buy new for my truck.
The entire job NEEDS 2 people but I would recommend 3 who know what they are doing, me being my usual dive-right-in-not-knowing-what-I'm-doing self started doing it alone but ended up enlisting the help of my mom who just so happened to be at home. Now, on to the pictures!

These are the tools I used, left to right: 3/8" drive ratchet, 14mm socket, 3/8" to 1/4" adapter, 1/4" screwdriver, 10mm socket, Phillips head screwdriver, 2 Flat head screwdrivers, Leatherman Skeletool CX, Needle nose pliers.
This is what your starting with, I dropped the tailgate and rolled down all the windows as well as opening the sunroof. start by pulling everything that bolts into the headliner off.
I started with this little guy, pull the plastic surrounding the mirror support off with a flathead or a knife and then slowly work your way around the light fixture, it comes off in one peice leaving you with:
this metal support, held in by 4 phillips screws, remove these and unplug the light, set aside.
Pull the sunroof switch surround off, just tug on it and it pops right off
Using a flat head screwdriver, pop all these screw covers off and unscrew the phillips screws behind them (2 for each handle) repeat this for all the grab handles
This joker is next. the clear plastic comes right off and there are 4 phillips screws under that, remove them, unplug, and set aside.
The sunroof trim is next on the hit-list, it pulls right off, set aside.
Seat belts are next, each is held in place by a 14mm bolt under a plastic cover, for the fronts, a screwdriver should reveal the bolt, the rears can be pulled apart by hand.
Pull the headliner support tabs out from above the cargo area, there are 4 of them and they break easily (all of mine broke)
pull of the sun visors and attachment points (3 phillips head screws each) and pull the A-pillar back, it will take some force for a few spots, dont be afraid to put some weight behind it!
For reference, this is what the truck looks like with everything but the A, B, and C Pillars unbolted
When the A-pillars come off, the headliner should fall like so. disconnect the sunroof switch and motor (phillips head screws and 10mm bolts), the headliner should come right out although it may require some help, pull the headliner out of the back, disconnect the drain tubes at the 4 corners of the sunroof assembly (sorry, no pictures... none of removing the sunroof assembly either), then support the sunroof assembly (this is where you need another set of hands... or 2...) and unbolt the 10mm bolts (4-6 down each side, 2-4 up front). Pull the sunroof assembly out the back.
This is the old cracked sunroof... Notice how the assembly connects to the roof of the truck. Attach the sunroof switch and motor to the new sunroof assembly and make sure the sunroof slides easily up and down the track. Now for the hard part: man-handle the sunroof into place and bolt as many of the 10mm bolts into place as you can, re-attach the drain tubes and make sure no wires are pinched or blocked. Tighten down the bolts and hook up the motor and switch, test the sunroof for any flaws in the mechanism. Once all that is done simply reverse the order of everything going out to re-attach everything and your done!
The finished product should look like this before you reassemble the headliner.
Here is a video of the sunroof in action, it is about 3 times quieter than what I am used to and most importantly: NOT CRACKED!
 This loser here kept me company and listened to Onward to Olympas with me the whole time. Now that your sunroof is completely finished, sit back, enjoy, and be proud that you have done something to increase the value of your 4Runner!

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  1. Thanks for posting. I know its old, but pics would be nice!