Thursday, September 23, 2010

Oakley Oil Rig Project: Finished! Plus Phone Painted...

Ok I finally got around to finishing my Oakley Oil Rig project. I ended up painting them matte black and it turned out decent enough for me... but I may sand them down and hit them with another coat sometime. Now for pics!

This is everything, the Oil Rigs (far left) Gas Cans (center) and my POS phone (far left) I only painted the phone and Oil Rigs btw, the Gas Cans came that color. I also just noticed that I did not take a picture of just the Oil Rigs, so bear with me.
left are the Oil Rigs, right are the Gas Cans, the Oil Rigs are a bit larger than the Gas cans and the polorization is gone from the salt water and sand so the lens is really screwed up, if anyone wants to donate $135 for new lenses for me feel free!
This angle really shows the difference in the lenses, they are both black polarized but the Oil Rigs are really worn down.
This shows how much larger the Oil Rigs are, they cover up alot more of my face
Here is a front angle of the both of them.
This angle shows the difference in color and the the fact that I painted over the "O" on the arms.
And here is a final shot of the sunglasses, now on to the phone.
This is basically all I painted, I decided it was not worth my time to open the phone up and dissasemble it entirely. I ended up just taking the back apart and painting it in a 2 tone.
Black and Silver, the story of my life... seriously, everything I own is a shade of either black or silver lol

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  1. Excellent work! It's look like Oakley Matte Black Titanium color frame.