Sunday, September 5, 2010

FIRST POST!!! Also, Oakley Oil Rig project

Well, for my first post I want to share a small project I just started, I found a pair of Oakley Oil Rig sunglasses on the beach but they were really beat up so I have decided to paint them a flat white and get some new lenses for them. Taking them apart was probably the hardest part of the project so far, I ended up pulling the right side of the lens out by pulling up on the support and pushing out on the lens, then repeating the process on the left side, the arms were somewhat more difficult but I just twisted them out of place and they came right out, it was scary at first to come so close to breaking a pair of Oakley's but I think it will be worth it. I sanded them down until I got a good surface for the paint to bond to and the Oakley symbol looks like a burnt metal. Right now I am trying to decide between either Ice Iridium, Emerald Iridium, Titanium Iridium, or Black Iridium Polarized. If you have any ideas post them in the comments!

Now for the Pictures!:
This is the color I plan on using

Everything dissassembled (Lens is not in the picture)

This is about what I want them to look like

Close up of the sanded down arm (painters tape over the metal logo)

For Reference this is what they originally looked like.

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