Thursday, October 7, 2010

More Moleskine Art!

More Skine Art!

Happy Grenade! Took a picture of the Grenade company logo off the web and penciled it, then went over it with a sharpie, then put the smiley face on it and colored it with colored pencils.
Got bored in class and drew up "Cooking A Grenade" It's kinda hard to see but it is cooking grenades like eggs, book is titled "The Complete Idiots Guide to Cooking a Grenade"
Another bored in class, this time medicine then and now. Left side is medicine in ye olde times. 100 Proof Whiskey and my depiction of a Joint smoking twig. Right side is a Bottle of Medicine, some Pills, a Syringe, and a Medical Record.
This image is a work in progress of a logo I am trying to design (It's really crappy right now) called the Zombie Grenade Logo. Taking a grenade and making it look like it had a bite taken out of it with ribs and guts on the inside. Once finished I will try and get a good photoshop image of it and it will become the "Nemesis Logo" for my blog and whatever stuff I make.

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