Sunday, November 21, 2010

Camera Phone Macro Lens DIY + Macro Photography

After reading lifehacker's post here on using a DVD lens as a macro lens for a cellphone, I decided to try it for myself, needless to say I am very impressed. The photos turned out very well for a camera phone. I ended up putting a nice scratch down both sides of the lens in my haste to get it out so I ended up using a lens from an old PS2 I had lying around, I don't have pictures of that because I sliced my hand pretty good trying to open the case up. Anyways, on to the photos:
Here are the tools I used for disassembly: 1 Phillips Head Screwdriver, One Flat
Tip Screwdriver, A Pocketknife, Large and small Needle Nose Pliers, and a pair of Tin Snips.

 Here is what I first started with, this thing is so old it acctually has VHS!

 My watchdogs for the whole thing.

 I cut the power cable off first and then started removing the case screws.

Once they were off I unscrewed and cut my way through the rest of the unit, starting with the chip shown here:

 Since the unit will be useless anyways I just cut the cables connecting this and tossed it.

 If you want, this chip is a good start for macro photography.

 Paydirt! Pull this out by whatever means you see fit, just don't damage the lenses (yes, there are two)

 I just cut the DVD tray off with Tin Snips, but do whatever makes you happy.

 Remove the top metal portion like so, you wont need it anyways.

 This is what were looking for, CAREFULLY (I screwed this one up) remove the lens by cutting the glue around it with a knife or razor. Don't try to smash it lose, it scratches VERY easily

 I need a better camera... this is the lens in between my fingers.

 Here is the PS2 Lens setup, same basic thing, just a plastic cover, I diddn't break this one!

I did however, gash my hand, this was taken a few hours later but you get the idea.

 Lens between Needle Nose Pliers like it should be.
I cut 4 small strips of painters tape and taped the sides of the lens to the back of my phone, then used a hole punch to punch a hole in a larger piece of tape and set it on top.

 I got a close up of my trucks Odometer, Yes, 200k miles. Toyota for you.

 The Super Key, also known as the winblows key.

 The Almighty Wireless Key.


 This one gives a good sense of scale, that is a hotwheels car.

 Here's the back of said car

 Side profile.

And looking towards the back. All in all I like having a Macro lens and it will probably end up being on my phone for awhile. I rushed to get this done in about 30min so I sliced my hand open trying to go faster through it instead of taking my time. Totally worth it though. I may just take that other PS2 I have lying around and stock up on lenses... </awesome>

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