Friday, July 29, 2011

My Update

Ok, so I have been pretty quiet here lately. This is due to a number of reasons. Those reasons are that I went on vacation (I'll make a post for that soon with some pictures), I have been playing around with Google+, and I finally swore into the U.S. Navy. I expect once I ship out on March 21st 2012 there will probably be very few posts for like the next few years. I've got an EDC update and that's really it, I haven't done much to River because of the heat and the fact that I'm broke. I should be getting a few new EDC toys (I already got a few, but that's another post) here in like a month so more posts there. So, for today I'll post teaser pic's and other random musings.
First up:
This crappy picture of an EDC update, this is my "Heavy" EDC, usually reserved for cargo shorts, winter
, or bag carry although I can squeeze it reasonably into a pair of jeans. And, breakdown:
Glasses - Walmart Mirrored Aviators (Because I'm too cheap for Ray Ban Mirrored Aviator Techs)
Watch - Citizen Promaster Aqualand Diver silver/gold
Phone - Pantech Crux (I cannot stress this enough, DO NOT GET THIS PHONE)
Keys - House, Truck, SAK
Glasses Cleaning Cloth
Stainless Steel Sharpie
SureFire E2D LED Defender (With custom lanslide)
Leatherman Skeletool CX
CRKT Folding Razel (Sharpened by To The Point Sharpening Service)

Second on my list to get out of the way; soon coming toys!
I should be starting on my roof rack for River sometime in September, that should be fun. I'll be learning how to weld and getting the geometry of 2" tube steel within 16th's of an inch or better!

I'm hoping to get a Spyderco Caly3 Carbon Fiber for my birthday in August
 Once I get in the Navy I'm going to be looking at getting a handgun, the CZ 75 P06 is looking pretty good with .40 or possibly the NATO tested P01 in 9mm. Or I could just go for my dream gun and get a 1911 in .45 plus the .22LR conversion for cheap practice shooting.
Third! Really moving now! USGS Maps. These are really handy to have of the local area, you can save them to your computer for free or order 7.5 minute maps for $15. I've got all the maps of the areas surrounding my house saved and will probably end up buying them later down the road.

Ok, last up is the trip to the beach with River. Teaser pic!
Ok, that's it for now. Check in later and I should have some more posts up from the trip and keep following my plan to get my roof rack done.

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