Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A few repairs to River and some planning for a poker night!

I finally decided to fix my corner light which has been flopping around on the grille since I bought her... Come to find out that the core support has been TWISTED by about 15-20 degrees, fun...

All better now, shouldn't be much of a problem anymore and because
the metal holding the side of the light on was being torn over time it's probably a good thing that I decided to fix it before too long. In the picture you can see that the rubber "slam bushing" as I like to call it is cocked at an odd angle, that is because of the twisted core support. Before that I had gotten fed up with having my interior as dirty as it was and while cleaning it i found this tucked under the drivers seat: Rear speaker wires (the ones that I am holding), Amp ground wire (unseen), RCA Cables (the black wire), Amp signal wire (Hard to see blue wire), and the power wire (already ripped out), that the douchebag previous owner left was STILL CONNECTED TO THE BATTERY!!!
NOT. COOL. anyways now that I have calmed down enough to write decently, I removed in all 15 feet of excess wire, rewired half of my stereo harness and cleaned up the worst wiring job i have ever seen the rear speaker wires.
^ This is the power wire which was also run quite poorly, they cut a hole under the drivers seat with a box cutter and ran everything to that hole then back instead of running it right down the sides of the car or running it under the carpet in its entirety.
Here is the wire running through the firewall, at least it was run correctly here... i am quite surprised.
To correct the wiring for the rear speakers I scrounged up a spool of speaker wire that I've had for awhile and spliced it in properly, here I have cut into the speaker wire to start splicing.
Stripped the wire ends...
then the other wires...
for the method I use to splice wires (Also used by US Navy EOD's for their bomb wiring I might add....) Split the wires in half like this,
Then the other side,
Split the other wires and twist the halves of each together
Then twist the halves of those together
Tape the first one down with electrical tape (NOT DUCK TAPE! yes I have seen that... *shudders)
Then go back over taping the two wires together and covering all exposed wire
for reference: this is what the wires should look something like when they are twisted together.
Here is the speaker wires all finished up and run UNDER the carpet and not laying on top of it...
Awhile ago we decided to plan some sort of Poker Night at my friends shop... so I leave you with what we decided to do... Plywood on a lift. Awesome.

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